May 19

Is Twitter Worth Using As An Internet Marketer?

Twitter has been around for years. 

The question you must be asking yourself is whether Twitter is worth using for traffic as an Internet Marketer.

The name of the game is getting traffic and turning that traffic into leads. 

How do you get Twitter traffic?

Getting Twitter traffic is dependent upon having people look at your business opportunity or product.

And it is relatively easy to do. The easiest way to do this is by following other Twitter users and hope that they will follow you back. 

This means that when you send a message (known as a tweet), your followers can see what you are promoting.

What do you need to do to succeed with Twitter?

My experience of Facebook proves one thing: you need to learn from people who have a track record of success

on Twitter. 

If you want to learn how to easily grow your Twitter following then this free article will help.

=======> How to grow to 4,000 followers on Twitter

I must admit I spent years try to grow my Twitter account, to no avail.

Branding yourself on Twitter is essential

In order to grow your Twitter following, you need to create a brand for yourself.

Who are you trying to speak to? What problem are you trying to solve?

Creating the right impression on your audience is key to your success going forward.

So how do you create a profile that makes people want to visit your Twitter page?

Here is a free course that will help you create an engaging and interesting profile.

========> How do you brand yourself on Twitter?

My personal experience using Twitter

I’ll be honest, Twitter was not working for me a few years ago. 

The truth is I sucked at Twitter marketing. I had no idea what I was doing with Twitter.

So I tossed Twitter to one side and did nothing with it for years until recently.

What I have noticed is that Twitter like all social media platforms tends to operate on the Law of Reciprocity.

What I mean by that is that if you engage with other people’s content, they are more likely to 

engage with your content.

My results are unremarkable. But you will notice that in the last 28 days, I have grown my Twitter


I have had over 400 profile visits and I have had several of my tweets retweeted by others.

These are results obtained by a guy who totally sucked at Twitter marketing!

So why am I having more success now?

Simple: paying attention to the proven methods that work on Twitter.

Dec 18

Grow Your Tribe With Cashjuice Social Network Free

Are you looking for ways to get more eyeballs on your offers? As we know, social media is a place where people congregate. And you are now able to grow your tribe with Cashjuice Social Network, completely free.

Who is the owner of Cashjuice?

Cashjuice is the brainchild of Dan Merrett, who is the owner of Trafficadbar.

Trafficadbar is a very powerful traffic system which I have written about already here.

Trafficadbar is still going strong as I speak and is an advertising platform for Internet Marketers.

So what is Cashjuice?

Cashjuice is a social network first and foremost where people congregate for a common goal: either to look for a business opportunity or to promote one.

But Cashjuice is more than that. Cashjuice is also an educational place where you can come and learn about a simple 3 step plan to earn money online.

Cashjuice aims to share its revenue with its members.

So how do you generate traffic for your opportunity on Cashjuice?

Well, it’s very simple. But before you dive in to start advertising, you need two things:

  • a decent profile picture

There is nothing worse than seeing an ad from someone who hasn’t got a profile picture. So to be successful, you’ll need a good profile picture. Preferably it needs to be one showing off your smile.

  • a bio is needed

Don’t skip the bio! It is equally important so that you can brand yourself and get better known by the community.

Once you have done these two key things, you are good to go.

Posting is really simple. You just decide what you want to advertise and away you go.

Now my personal preference is that I do a mixture of value-based quotes and outright advertisement.

Members can like your post and also comment on it.

Is Cashjuice free to join?

You can advertise completely free on Cashjuice. However, there is an upgrade option.

I have personally gone for the upgrade option as it was relatively inexpensive.

I paid a one time fee of $29.99

What does the lifetime membership offer?

When you elect to upgrade your membership, you get 5,000 ad credits.

You also earn a slice of the ad commission which is generated by Cashjuice.

Have I seen any results since joining cashjuice?

I have noticed that I have earned commission here already.

People are liking and commenting on my posts.

I had a request a short while ago for the affiliate link of an opportunity I am promoting.

So the early indications suggest that this is a responsive site.

If you are not on Cashjuice, feel free to join. Remember it is free to join.

Here is proof that Cashjuice does pay…

If you are looking for evidence that it is possible to earn from Cashjuice just for doing what you would do anyway which is socialize on the site then here is proof.

How are commissions earned at Cashjuice?

You earn commissions at Cashjuice for the following two activities:

Referral payments

If your referrals make payments to Cashjuice, you earn 15% commissions on those payments.

Your activity

Cashjuice will actually pay you based on your activity. But it doesn’t stop there. 

You also receive commissions based on the activity of your referrals and their downlines.

As an upgraded member, the more active you are on the site, the greater the commissions you stand to earn.

Have you already signed up to Cashjuice? If so, what has been your experience so far?






Dec 18

Leverage The Power Of Facebook To Generate Free Unlimited Traffic

Are you an Entrepreneur looking for free traffic sources for your business opportunities? Have you considered leveraging the power of Facebook to generate free unlimited traffic?

Facebook’s challenges this year (2018) have been well documented. However, as an Online Entrepreneur, you can still derive great benefit by using Facebook.

I know for a fact that there are still opportunities right now to tap into Facebook’s global audience.

And how do I know this?

Because this year, I decided to carry out a Facebook experiment.

I wanted to find out if an Online Entrepreneur can really get any traffic from Facebook.

I used three key methods to generate traffic to my opportunities. But, there are plenty of other ways you can leverage the power of Facebook to gain free traffic to your offers.

Biggest social media network

Facebook is a behemoth in the social media space. Unless you live under a rock, you will know that Facebook occupies the no.1 berth in the social media world.

So with 2.23 billion users on Facebook, how do you tap into this vast treasure trove to create unlimited traffic on demand?

So there are three free strategies that I used to generate traffic on Facebook in 2018.

Facebook Fan Page

I created a Facebook Fan Page for a business opportunity that I was involved in.

I then invited a select few of my friends to like my Facebook Fan page.

Within 24 hours of sending out an invite to some of my friends, one of my acquaintances signed up to check out the business opportunity.

Facebook Groups

I leveraged the power of Facebook groups to drive free traffic to several business opportunities.

There are two types of groups on Facebook: free and paid.

The bottom line is, if used properly, Facebook Groups can be a valuable source of traffic.

I used groups in three ways:

  • Promote Business Opportunities

I used groups to promote my business opportunities by implementing two key strategies:

  1. I posted about my opportunity
  2. I also answered people’s requests for information or help.

In one example, I was able to get over 500 people to check out a business opportunity over a 3-4 month period. In fact, as I write this article, one ad that I placed weeks ago, generated an enquiry today.

  • Use groups to inspire and educate

I created a group that had the purpose of helping newbies learn how to promote their business opportunity on Facebook the correct way.

Occasionally, I would offer the group members other useful tools which resulted in referrals to other programs.

  • Networking

You can use groups as a means of networking with other group members. This does not directly lead to promoting your business opportunity. However, it is an amazing way of creating useful connections that can be extremely valuable to your business.

Facebook Personal Profile

This might seem like a strange one but it is perfectly possible to use your Facebook profile as your virtual shop 24/7.

Now I realize that by making this bold claim, you might start rushing to turn your personal profile into a shrine for your affiliate links. One word of caution: don’t do that. It won’t work!

Remember why people come to Facebook… People are on Facebook for three key reasons:

  • To spend time communicating with loved ones and friends
  • People come to Facebook to be entertained
  • People are on Facebook looking for information.

So based on the reasons why people use Facebook, throwing your links around on your personal profile is the wrong approach. Yet, 1,000s of marketers use this approach and then wonder why there is so little engagement on their promotional posts.

I used a technique called Attraction Marketing to attract my ideal client which does not involve coming across as salesy or spammy posting about my business opportunity or it’s products all day long.

What are the results so far?

The engagement on my Facebook wall has seen a dramatic upturn in fortunes.

If you had seen my Facebook personal wall a year ago, it looked like a ghost town. Fast forward a year, and the difference could not be greater!

But most importantly, I am beginning to witness some tangible results. Why?

Because, almost on a daily basis now, I have people reaching out to me.

So what are people contacting me for?

People are now contacting me to find out what I do or simply to ask for help.

Now, this is not the result of luck or chance. One thing, I have learned as an Entrepreneur is this: don’t reinvent the wheel. Partner with successful people and watch them at work over the shoulder and implement what they are doing. It is that simple.

Have you had any success in promoting your business opportunity on Facebook? If not, why not?

Here is a free training crammed full with information that will help you find laser-targeted people to talk to on Facebook: click here to access the free video training.










Oct 18

Use TE List Builder To Build Your List On Traffic Exchanges

Are you trying to build a list on traffic exchanges but lack the expertise to do so?

The solution to your challenge is called TE List Builder!

Many people have joined traffic exchanges over the years to earn income. However, after clicking for hours and not getting anywhere, many have quit.

The reality is this: to make money online is not a simple process. It no longer is a simple case promoting an affiliate link.

Sure, armed with your affiliate link you can make random sales here or there by simply adding your affiliate link to a traffic exchange. But this strategy will only take you so far.

Now here is the real secret to earning money online.

People buy from people that they know, like and trust.

Have you heard that before? This statement is pretty accurate.

So people need to know who you are. They need to know what you do. What value can you provide them?

It is only when you have established yourself as a person value that people will begin to trust you and buy from you.

Now some people choose to build their audience on social media. That is absolutely fine.

But if you decide to build your audience on traffic exchanges, how do you achieve that?

Why selling on a traffic exchange is not easy

The last thing most people are thinking about when they join a traffic exchange is buying from others!

Everyone generally comes to a traffic exchange with the same mindset: promote promote promote!

So in my opinion the main focus when surfing a traffic exchange should be to build your list.


So how can TE List Builder help you?

Well what I love about TE List Builder is the fact that they offer you a task based course.

A task based course is great because it forces you to actually complete the training.

You cannot complete a task without completing all the activities within the task.

So you need to be serious about your learning here. And I believe that it encourages more people to really take their learning more seriously.

Is there a cost to join TE List Builder?

There is no cost involved in joining TE List Builder.

Join free here: TE List Builder is free.

So you can check it out safe in the knowledge that no financial outlay is required of you.




Mar 18

Partner With Traffic Codex To Get More Free Advertising


If you use traffic exchanges and list builders then you will love Traffic Codex.

Partnering with Traffic Codex will allow you to gain even more free advertising without doing any extra work.

Using Traffic Codex allows you to work smarter not harder.

What is Traffic Codex?

Traffic Codex is a site that is a treasure trove of promo codes.

So what you ask?

Well the promo codes give you free advertising when you carry out specific tasks.

At traffic exchanges, you could earn credits, banner impressions or text ads absolutely free just for carrying out certain instructions.

At Viral List Builders, you will earn mailing credits.

This is why I said earlier that you work smart not hard when partnering with Traffic Codex.

You earn extra credits for doing something you were already going to do.

How To Redeem Traffic Codex Promo Codes

Redeem Promo Codes at Traffic Exchanges

How would you use Traffic Codex to surf a traffic exchange? I wrote an article on List Surfing a revolutionary traffic exchange some time back.

We will use List Surfing traffic exchange to illustrate how you use Traffic Codex to earn additional credits.

  • Head over to Traffic Codex
  • Once you are signed in, click on the icon with horizontal lines.

  • This will open up a new page with a bigger menu
  • Click on Traffic Exchange Promo Codes

  • A new page opens up and the traffic exchanges are shown in alphabetical order

  • List Surfing is on page 4
  • Click on View List Surfing Promo Codes. This will then open up a new page where you can find the different promo codes for List Surfing.
  • When you find a promo code, you will need to click on Click Here To Claim. This will open up List Surfing in a new tab

On your List Surfing main menu under the heading Earn (Blue), click on Reward Codes

Under Reward Codes, you need to copy the promo code at Traffic Codex and paste it in the enter reward code to activate.


  • In List Surfing just under the Reward Codes section, you will see another section entitled Active Reward Codes.

That section is great because it helps focus your mind on the following:

  • what you need to do to earn your reward
  • what reward you will earn
  • when the promo code expires

There is another section underneath that tells you what codes you have redeemed.

Viral List Builders

Redeeming a promo code with a viral list builder is exactly the same.

In the main menu at Traffic Codex, you should click on Viral List Builder Promo Codes.

  • Adchiever will be on the first page.

  • Click on View Adchiever Promo Codes. New page opens up with Adchiever promo codes
  • In Adchiever, hover over Rewards.
  • Click on Reward Codes. In the box enter your reward code from Traffic Codex.


  • Scroll down and you will see your activated reward code.

Do you plan to promote Traffic Codex?

If you want to promote Traffic Codex then it is a good idea to complete the downline builder.

Now, I am not suggesting you should join every program listed on Traffic Codex.

You will want though to complete the downline builder with your referral ID in any program you join.

The reason you do this is because if someone decides to join a program through Traffic Codex, for as long as you have added your referral ID in the downline builder, the referral will be yours.

How to Join Programs In The Downline Builder

Let say for example that you wish to join Adchiever which is a viral list builder.

So from the home page you click on the icon with the horizontal lines

You then click on Viral List Builder Promo Codes

Adchiever promo codes are on page 1

You then click on Not a Member? which takes you to the Adchiever sign up page.

It is really important that after you join a program or if you are an existing member of a program that you enter your referral ID just as I have entered mine below.

If a prospect joins a program through Traffic Codex and you have entered your referral ID in the downline builder, they join that program under you. So assuming that you become a member of more than 1 program you could have 1 referral joining you under more than 1 program.

What happens if you get stuck and need help with using Traffic Codex?

On the main menu you will find a help section with How To videos.

So I hope you have seen the benefit of joining Traffic Codex. It is a free site to join. You are not really doing anything different to what you would normally do.

However, you will end up with more advertising credits than you bargained for.

So it is well worth your while in the long run. If you feel there is someone out there who will benefit from this information, go ahead and share it with them.

Have you used Traffic Codex yourself? What are your thoughts? Do leave your comments below.


Mar 18

Advertise Free On Apsense


Are you in need of free advertising? Have you considered using Apsense? You can advertise free on Apsense.

What is Apsense?

Apsense is a business social network where people come together to promote their business opportunities. When you realise how powerful interactions on the top social network sites such as Facebook and Linkedin are then you will understand the value of joining this type of site for your business opportunity promotion.


What is the cost of joining of Apsense?

It costs nothing to join Apsense Business Social Network.

So if you are not promoting on Apsense you are missing out on another avenue to receive free targeted traffic.

How many people are on Apsense?

Apsense currently has over 557,000 members and growing.

Now it is quite obvious that Facebook as a social network dwarfs Apsense.

In my opinion, you should not turn down free traffic where it is available.

What are some easy ways to advertise on Apsense for free?

Update Your Status Often

A great way to promote your business opportunity or affiliate offer free is by updating your status. You can do this once or twice a day or more times during the course of your day.

You add your text in the white box as well as your affiliate link and click on Post.

If you don’t want to show your affiliate link after adding text just click on Attach a Link and then click Post.

What is the difference?

In the first method, the visitor to your status update would have to copy and paste your website URL in a new page.

In method 2, your visitor clicks on Read More to view the opportunity you are promoting.

Do whatever works best for you.

Go Ahead And Create a Revpage

If you want to promote a business opportunity then you can do so using a Revpage.

You are free to create a revpage at anytime and there is no cost to do so.

If you want to have an idea of how other members are using revpages, scroll down to add on services (left hand side menu) and click on Revpages.

You will then be taken to a new page where all existing revpages can be found.


The revpages are organised by categories. So if you want to see revpages on Affiliate Marketing just click on Affiliate Marketing.

When you click on a category such as Affiliate Marketing, you will then be presented with a new page where you can select which revpage you want to view.

You should the click on the picture or title of the revpage to view its contents.

After you have viewed a revpage, right at the top of the page, you can click on  Browse Revpages.

You will then be taken back to the original menu where you can now select Create a Revpage.

After clicking the link to create your revpage, you will be shown a new page as follows.

  • Product Name refers to the name of the opportunity you want to review
  • Sales link is your affiliate link
  • Category is where in the catalogue of revpages you will want your revpage stored

When you finish click ok and you are taken to a new page where you need to give a brief overview of your business opportunity. You should also provide a list of some of its features and click OK.

You will then be asked to add some keywords.

Not sure how this works?

A keyword is a word or phrase that people use when searching for something online. So think carefully about this if you want your revpage to be found by the search engines.

Need some help? At the bottom of your page you can find keyword suggestion tools.

If none of those keyword tools work for you, you can give this one a try:

—————–>  Jaaxy Keyword Search   <—————————-

After you have added your keywords you can then upload a photo and click Ok.

You will then be able to write your review which can be no more than 2000 characters long.

Your review should not be a blatant sales pitch. You should be looking to show your prospective how this opportunity can benefit them.

As you complete each step, you will receive instructions on what you should do next.

You will notice that there are 6 steps to complete your review of your business opportunity and publish it.

The last step Fill with related content allows you link your revpage to other similar revpages.

So just follow the instructions carefully and you can do no wrong.


Here is an example of a revpage I created very quickly for the purposes of this article:

—————> click here to see my revpage  <——————-

Build your Apsense Business Center in minutes!

No website? No problem.

If you go to Add on services (left hand menu), click on Business Center to create your own business center speedily.

Here is what mine looks like: ———-> MYAPSENSE BUSINESS CENTER

You will get your own referral link to your Business Center which is another great way of branding yourself, your business opportunities and Apsense all at once.

Use The Traffic Exchange to maximise exposure to your affiliate opportunity

Apsense has a traffic exchange integrated within the site.

You can access the Apsense traffic exchange by going to your left hand menu and scrolling down to add on services where you will find the link to the traffic exchange.

I wrote an article a while back on traffic exchanges if you are unsure what a traffic exchange is.


Apsense Traffic Exchange opens up on a new tab and works exactly like any other traffic exchange.

You can stay a free member forever.

However, if you don’t have time to surf then you can upgrade your membership and earn credits every month.

There are three upgrade options:

  • Basic Pro
  • Standard Pro
  • Enterprise Pro

The last two upgrade options allow you to email your referrals which can be very beneficial to keep the relationship going.

Use the Apsense URL shortener at every opportunity

You are familiar I am sure with those long, ugly affiliate links you get when you sign up to a program you want to promote.

You can use the link shortening service at Apsense to make your affiliate links more appealing to the eye,

This is another free service provided to you by Apsense.

By using the Apsense shortener you are also promoting Apsense.

On your left hand side menu click on Apsense URL shortener.

Now I’ll be very honest, I have used all the other features I write about in this article. I haven’t tested the URL shortner yet but that shouldn’t stop you from using it.

Once I have tested it fully and I will update this article. The main reason is because I use these three tracking services already:

Why should you refer others to Apsense?

Now I am sure that you have your own programs to promote. However, there is value in promoting Apsense.

If you refer just 5 people in a 30 day period, you will receive a free 30 day upgrade to the Pro membership. So it is worth your while to do so.

Check out the benefits of going Pro below:

The benefits of going Pro can be seen above. So sign up free and start promoting Apsense.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this information then kindly share this article with them.

Have you had any experience of promoting on Apsense recently? Feel free to post your comment below.


Jan 18

Learn How To Increase Your Traffic With Linkcollider

As a website owner, I would imagine that you are constantly looking for ways to increase your website traffic. Have you considered using social media to grow your website traffic? LinkCollider is a website dedicated to increasing your social media shares and improving your SEO.

Social media can definitely help drive free traffic to your website. If you think about it: there are millions of people using social media constantly. Therefore, if you can find a way to get a captive audience through social media you have a chance of increasing your traffic.

When I talk about using social media, I am referring to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

I am not suggesting that if your content is shared on social media it will automatically lead to greater rankings on the search engines. But if your content gets shared on social media then it makes it easier to attrac more visitors to your content without over reliance on organic search traffic.

It is the viral nature of social media that I am particularly focusing on here. If you write good, engaging content there is no reason why you cannot get free viral traffic from social media. Therefore, you’ll immediately have two ways of getting traffic to your website free. Organic search traffic and traffic through social media sharing.

So if you are looking to gain traffic through social media shares then LinkCollider is a free website you can use.

How does LinkCollider Work?

You can watch this free video which explains all.

Submit Your Website

The first step is to register for a free account. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FREE

Once you have created your account, you will then need to decide what you want to promote. You can promote the following:

  • Your website. It can be a personal website or a business website.
  • Your Twitter page
  • Your Google+ page
  • Your Facebook Page or your Facebook Fan Page
  • Your Pinterest page
  • Your YouTube channel

Now as a free member, you are allowed to promote 3 pages at any one time.

So think about what pages are most important to you and then get working!

Your next job is to submit whatever pages take your fancy. If you decide to promote your website, you can promote your website’s home page or you may decide to promote an article within your website: your choice.

After submitting your 3 pages which is child’s play, this is where the action really begins

Collect Tokens

Tokens are the currency (or money) you use on LinkCollider to allow you to receive social media shares from other members. So how do you build up money to allow other members to share your content?

You have to engage in an activity. So for example you can share a page on Facebook or you might want to tweet a page. You are in control of what you choose to do.

So if say you decide to share a page on Facebook, how do you know how many tokens you will earn? That is easy.

If you look at the example below, sharing this page on my Facebook account will earn me 20 tokens. It really is that easy.

As you build up tokens, your content will get shared.

Go To Your Dashboard Regularly

How do you monitor how other members are sharing your pages?

That is simple too.

Just Click on the Dashboard and you can frequently keep an eye on what is happening with shares on your sites.

Whenever a social share takes places, you receive an alert on your dashboard such as the one below.

How to find out what types of shares have taken place on each site

On your dashboard, you are able to determine what types of shares are taking place.

By the way, these statistics are real taken from my Linkcollider account. If for whatever reason, you decide for example that you don’t want a page shared on Facebook then you simply need to untick that entry.

I hope you have found this article useful. If you think it can help someone you know then feel free to share this article with them.

If you have used Linkcollider already what are your thoughts on this site?

Want to register? Click on the banner below.

LinkCollider - Website Ranking Tool Using Social Media




Dec 17

Build Your Email List Fast And Free With Instant Squeeze Page Generator

If you are an online Internet Marketer, I assume that you have realised by now that having a list building system in place, can help you have a successful online career.

To create a list building system, you’ll need a lead capture page together with a follow up email autoresponder.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands or if you don’t want to build a lead capture page yourself, where can you go to get a cheap lead capture template?

The answer? Instant Squeeze Page Generator – the master list builder. With Instant Squeeze Page Generator, you can build your list fast and free.

In my opinion, driving traffic to your website is great but building a list is far more important.

The key reason is that once you have built trust with your customer, you can promote other products to them again and again and that is extremely powerful for your business. Repeat business is what you makes you successful whether online or offline.

How much does it cost to join Instant Squeeze Page Generator?

Please put your wallet away will you? It will cost you absolutely nothing to give the Instant Squeeze Page Generator a try. That’s right, absolutely nothing at all.

Building a list is not easy

As easy as list building might sound, it certainly is not easy.

An email address is something that is both precious and personal to your visitor. The question is this: what do you have to offer that would make a visitor to your website want to give you their email address?

So apart from knowing how to build a lead capture page, what free gift are you willing to give your visitor that will be make them want to give you their email address?

All of this requires research which in turn means time. As we all know, time is not something we all possess. Hence this why the Instant Squeeze Page Generator.com site can save you time and oh yes, plenty of it!

What free product can you give away?

All you need to do is this:

  • select one digital product you want to give away as a a free gift
  • Select from a variety of lead capture templates

There are over 30 lead capture templates to choose from.

Which autoresponder should you use?

Really the choice is yours. Both GetResponse and Aweber (two of the best out there) offer free trials if you haven’t already got an autoresponder.

If you do this right, you can easily set up an automated list building system with Instant Squeeze Page Generator.com within minutes of joining.

Is the InstantSqueezePageGenerator.com site a scam?

I have tested the Instant SqueezePageGenerator.com site and I have got people on my list. You will get people on your list if you are prepared to put in the hard work.

Whether people stay on your list or not will depend largely on whether you provide them with valuable content.

Not sure what to write about if you get a subscriber on your list?

I can imagine that for a lot of people doing the hard of work getting subscribers to their list is the easy part. But how do you follow up with your subscribers? Instant Squeeze Page Generator have taken care of this challenge for you.

  • All you need to do is head over to the Affiliates section of the site.
  • Then select Affiliate Toolbox.
  • You then click on Send Email and boom! You will find an email autoresponder follow up series. Add it to your autoresponder so that when your subscriber downloads your free lead magnet, you can follow up with them in an email sequence.

Incidentally, if you have other promotions and want a more generic email follow up series then you can have a look at this site: CLICK HERE.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator is the easiest way to earn money online

Should you choose to, you can treat the Instant Squeeze Page Generator as an Internet affiliate program in its own right.

The Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a free or low cost business opportunity that allows you to earn commissions by promoting the program. You can stay free or you can upgrade your membership. The choice is yours.

Do ensure that you update your payment email address in your profile. Commissions are paid out weekly on a Friday.

If you wish to join this incredible list building system, then click on the banner below. Remember it is completely free to join.

Dec 17

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Membership At A Traffic Exchange

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without traffic, your business will simply disappear. Traffic exchanges offer you the ability to get free traffic to your affiliate offers, blogs or business opportunities. Many new internet marketers use traffic exchanges daily.

If you use traffic exchanges, you have probably seen that the sites you surf on, offer upgraded memberships. Are they worth it? Should you upgrade your membership at a traffic exchange? We will consider 5 key reasons why you should upgrade your membership at a traffic exchange.

Let us take a look at Easyhits4u. Easyhits4u are one of the biggest traffic exchanges on the planet. Whilst offering a free membership they also offer upgraded memberships. So is there any value to be gained from an upgraded membership at Easyhits4u traffic exchange?

I see 5 key benefits of upgrading your membership at a traffic exchange.

Promote even more offers

With a free membership at EasyHits4u, you can promote fifteen links whereas you can promote an unlimited number of links on the Premium and Ultimate memberships.

Have a look at the number of links you can promote at your favourite traffic exchange. You will notice that when you pay for your membership, you can usually promote more affiliate links.

Get credits, banner and text ad impressions up front

As an upgraded member at any traffic exchange, you receive credits, banner and text ad impressions every month before you even start surfing.

Whether you go Premium or Ultimate at EasyHits4u, you will get credits every month: 500 credits

Now honestly, surfing at traffic exchanges can be a very time consuming process. Time can be very limited if say you work full time and have family commitments. So I believe that an upgraded membership for the busy professional makes perfect sense.

Reduced timer means more time spent on other activities

On the free membership at EasyHits4u, you have a 20 second timer. This is how long you need to stay on a page before you view the next one. But the upgraded memberships offer you a reduced timer, 15 second timer on the Premium membership and a 10 second timer on the Ultimate membership. So you’ll actually need to surf less when you go for a paid membership

Earn Random referrals

One key benefit of a paid membership at traffic exchanges is the ability to have random referrals assigned to you.

As a free member at EasyHits4u, you earn credits on five levels of referrals. On an upgraded membership, you earn credits on six levels of referrals. So that’s even more credits which means even more traffic for your sites.

In addition to that, you’ll earn 10% credits of your referrals surfing activities as a free member. A paid member, you’ll earn 15% credits from your referrals surfing activities

Promote your business opportunities to your referrals

As a side point, the more referrals you get, the more people you are able to expose to your business opportunities to as you’ll be able to email them. So earning random referrals is not to be scoffed at.

Consider Getting A Lifetime Membership

Lifetime memberships are extremely rare. They are one off payments which in the long run are less costly. You get credits up front every month which again frees up your time for other activities.

So it does appear that a paid membership at a traffic exchange has some extremely useful benefits. What can you do if you are unable to pay for a membership at the moment? Then are some things to consider:

Advertising sites offering a free JV upgrade

These are generally relatively new advertising exchanges. As a reward for joining, you will be given an upgraded membership.

FreeAdvertisingForYou is offering 50,000 free bonus credits just for joining. In addition, you are able to get a free Pro upgrade but it will take about ten days of carrying out activities on the site to earn your upgrade.

Online Traffic Ads only offers a JV upgrade to first 1000 members. So act now to get your free JV membership.

Homerun Traffic are also offering a free JV membership at the time of writing. Hurry as that could be withdrawn at any given time.

Get 200 free credits every day

Surf 250 pages a day at DeepSeaHits and HitSafari and earn a bonus of 100 credits at each exchange that’s an additional 700 credits at each exchange every week.

Powersurfcentral – your partner for additional free credits

Surf 100 or 200 pages a day at HitSafari, Soaring4Traffic and RealHitz4u in conjunction with Powersurfcentral and earn a bonus made up of credits, banner impressions and text links on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The credits at these traffic exchange do actually add

Get A Lifetime Silver Upgrade At ClickVoyager Free

Surf 250 pages every Sunday at Clickvoyager to receive an upgraded Silver membership for life!

Nerd Surf Gives You Extra Credits

If you surf four exchanges at the same time through Nerd surf at ClickTrackProfit you earn a 10% bonus.

Go Commando Surf – what are you waiting for?

Commando surf also allows you to earn more credits at specific exchanges when done in conjunction with TECommandPost. On a Sunday you can get double credits.

So if you shop around it may be possible to earn an upgraded membership with a traffic exchange without paying for one. You could also earn yourself additional credits just by surfing. So check out your traffic exchange emails to see what surfing rewards you can find.

However, paying for an upgraded membership at your favourite traffic exchange may also be an investment well worth your time.

Dec 17

Should you use a safelist to promote your affiliate offers?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. If you haven’t invested in an autoresponder such as GetResponse or Aweber then how else can you go about promoting your affiliate offers through email marketing?
Something that you might want to consider doing is using safelists.

What is a safelist?

Essentially a safelist is a group of people (members) that are interested in promoting their offers but have also agreed to receive emails from other members.

These people tend to be in specific niches usually the Internet Marketing or affiliate marketing niche.

Safelists are also known as mailers or viral list builders.

Why is safelist marketing an important part of your advertising strategy?

I previously wrote a short article on email marketing which shows why you need to be doing email marketing. Read it here
There are many people online who utilise safelist marketing exclusively for advertising their promotions. Hence, it is easy to see why it is such a key strategy to use.

How do you know which safelist to join?

This decision is ultimately one you will have to make. There are hundred of thousands of safelists out there. Will they all work for you? There are probably between 30-40 that actually do work.

So how does a safelist actually work?

The most important point to remember is that you don’t own the list! Therefore you will never have access to the email address of your prospect.
When you sign up, you provide your email address to the safelist company together with your personal details. Your email address is not shared with your prospects though.
Once you start viewing other members ads, you will build your credit bank which will in turn enable you to send your promotions to other members. Although all these members are out there promoting their offers, if you promote something of value to them then chances are they will click on your link.

Why you should not receive member promotions from a safelist in your primary email inbox

It is possible with a number of these safelists to receive member promotions directly in your email inbox. I would strongly recommend that you do not receive promotions from other members in your main email address. The reason? You will receive an avalanche of emails and you will find it difficult to keep on top of your email inbox.
So your primary email address should be used as your contact email address. You should then create a list email address where you receive all the various offers.
My preferred email service provider is GMAIL. I recommend that you use them as well.

Why are safelists also called viral list builders?

A safelist becomes viral when you are able to promote your opportunities to people you have directly referred. So in other words, if you refer others to a viral list builder then they become part of your downline. By broadcasting your message (or promotion) to your downline, you are effectively grow your traffic. The other point is you can earn money through your referrals.

What if you have time constraints?

As we all know, time is money and you may not always have time to read emails to acquire credits.

One method you can use to earn credits without having to view other members promotions is by referring other members to the safelist. Some safelists will give you rewards (in the form of credits) for making referrals. So if you don’t mind promoting safelists then you have found a great way of earning credits for your promotions without needing to view other member websites.

Your other option is to upgrade your membership with your safelist which will provide you with even greater benefits than a free member.

If safelist marketing is something you seriously want to consider, then I recommend that you check out this video first. It will give you further insight into safelists and how you can use them to your advantage: watch video free here.

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