5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Membership At A Traffic Exchange

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without traffic, your business will simply disappear. Traffic exchanges offer you the ability to get free traffic to your affiliate offers, blogs or business opportunities. Many new internet marketers use traffic exchanges daily.

If you use traffic exchanges, you have probably seen that the sites you surf on, offer upgraded memberships. Are they worth it? Should you upgrade your membership at a traffic exchange? We will consider 5 key reasons why you should upgrade your membership at a traffic exchange.

Let us take a look at Easyhits4u. Easyhits4u are one of the biggest traffic exchanges on the planet. Whilst offering a free membership they also offer upgraded memberships. So is there any value to be gained from an upgraded membership at Easyhits4u traffic exchange?

I see 5 key benefits of upgrading your membership at a traffic exchange.

Promote even more offers

With a free membership at EasyHits4u, you can promote fifteen links whereas you can promote an unlimited number of links on the Premium and Ultimate memberships.

Have a look at the number of links you can promote at your favourite traffic exchange. You will notice that when you pay for your membership, you can usually promote more affiliate links.

Get credits, banner and text ad impressions up front

As an upgraded member at any traffic exchange, you receive credits, banner and text ad impressions every month before you even start surfing.

Whether you go Premium or Ultimate at EasyHits4u, you will get credits every month: 500 credits

Now honestly, surfing at traffic exchanges can be a very time consuming process. Time can be very limited if say you work full time and have family commitments. So I believe that an upgraded membership for the busy professional makes perfect sense.

Reduced timer means more time spent on other activities

On the free membership at EasyHits4u, you have a 20 second timer. This is how long you need to stay on a page before you view the next one. But the upgraded memberships offer you a reduced timer, 15 second timer on the Premium membership and a 10 second timer on the Ultimate membership. So you’ll actually need to surf less when you go for a paid membership

Earn Random referrals

One key benefit of a paid membership at traffic exchanges is the ability to have random referrals assigned to you.

As a free member at EasyHits4u, you earn credits on five levels of referrals. On an upgraded membership, you earn credits on six levels of referrals. So that’s even more credits which means even more traffic for your sites.

In addition to that, you’ll earn 10% credits of your referrals surfing activities as a free member. A paid member, you’ll earn 15% credits from your referrals surfing activities

Promote your business opportunities to your referrals

As a side point, the more referrals you get, the more people you are able to expose to your business opportunities to as you’ll be able to email them. So earning random referrals is not to be scoffed at.

Consider Getting A Lifetime Membership

Lifetime memberships are extremely rare. They are one off payments which in the long run are less costly. You get credits up front every month which again frees up your time for other activities.

So it does appear that a paid membership at a traffic exchange has some extremely useful benefits. What can you do if you are unable to pay for a membership at the moment? Then are some things to consider:

Advertising sites offering a free JV upgrade

These are generally relatively new advertising exchanges. As a reward for joining, you will be given an upgraded membership.

FreeAdvertisingForYou is offering 50,000 free bonus credits just for joining. In addition, you are able to get a free Pro upgrade but it will take about ten days of carrying out activities on the site to earn your upgrade.

Online Traffic Ads only offers a JV upgrade to first 1000 members. So act now to get your free JV membership.

Homerun Traffic are also offering a free JV membership at the time of writing. Hurry as that could be withdrawn at any given time.

Get 200 free credits every day

Surf 250 pages a day at DeepSeaHits and HitSafari and earn a bonus of 100 credits at each exchange that’s an additional 700 credits at each exchange every week.

Powersurfcentral – your partner for additional free credits

Surf 100 or 200 pages a day at HitSafari, Soaring4Traffic and RealHitz4u in conjunction with Powersurfcentral and earn a bonus made up of credits, banner impressions and text links on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The credits at these traffic exchange do actually add

Get A Lifetime Silver Upgrade At ClickVoyager Free

Surf 250 pages every Sunday at Clickvoyager to receive an upgraded Silver membership for life!

Nerd Surf Gives You Extra Credits

If you surf four exchanges at the same time through Nerd surf at ClickTrackProfit you earn a 10% bonus.

Go Commando Surf – what are you waiting for?

Commando surf also allows you to earn more credits at specific exchanges when done in conjunction with TECommandPost. On a Sunday you can get double credits.

So if you shop around it may be possible to earn an upgraded membership with a traffic exchange without paying for one. You could also earn yourself additional credits just by surfing. So check out your traffic exchange emails to see what surfing rewards you can find.

However, paying for an upgraded membership at your favourite traffic exchange may also be an investment well worth your time.

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