Dec 18

Grow Your Tribe With Cashjuice Social Network Free

Are you looking for ways to get more eyeballs on your offers? As we know, social media is a place where people congregate. And you are now able to grow your tribe with Cashjuice Social Network, completely free.

Who is the owner of Cashjuice?

Cashjuice is the brainchild of Dan Merrett, who is the owner of Trafficadbar.

Trafficadbar is a very powerful traffic system which I have written about already here.

Trafficadbar is still going strong as I speak and is an advertising platform for Internet Marketers.

So what is Cashjuice?

Cashjuice is a social network first and foremost where people congregate for a common goal: either to look for a business opportunity or to promote one.

But Cashjuice is more than that. Cashjuice is also an educational place where you can come and learn about a simple 3 step plan to earn money online.

Cashjuice aims to share its revenue with its members.

So how do you generate traffic for your opportunity on Cashjuice?

Well, it’s very simple. But before you dive in to start advertising, you need two things:

  • a decent profile picture

There is nothing worse than seeing an ad from someone who hasn’t got a profile picture. So to be successful, you’ll need a good profile picture. Preferably it needs to be one showing off your smile.

  • a bio is needed

Don’t skip the bio! It is equally important so that you can brand yourself and get better known by the community.

Once you have done these two key things, you are good to go.

Posting is really simple. You just decide what you want to advertise and away you go.

Now my personal preference is that I do a mixture of value-based quotes and outright advertisement.

Members can like your post and also comment on it.

Is Cashjuice free to join?

You can advertise completely free on Cashjuice. However, there is an upgrade option.

I have personally gone for the upgrade option as it was relatively inexpensive.

I paid a one time fee of $29.99

What does the lifetime membership offer?

When you elect to upgrade your membership, you get 5,000 ad credits.

You also earn a slice of the ad commission which is generated by Cashjuice.

Have I seen any results since joining cashjuice?

I have noticed that I have earned commission here already.

People are liking and commenting on my posts.

I had a request a short while ago for the affiliate link of an opportunity I am promoting.

So the early indications suggest that this is a responsive site.

If you are not on Cashjuice, feel free to join. Remember it is free to join.

Here is proof that Cashjuice does pay…

If you are looking for evidence that it is possible to earn from Cashjuice just for doing what you would do anyway which is socialize on the site then here is proof.

How are commissions earned at Cashjuice?

You earn commissions at Cashjuice for the following two activities:

Referral payments

If your referrals make payments to Cashjuice, you earn 15% commissions on those payments.

Your activity

Cashjuice will actually pay you based on your activity. But it doesn’t stop there.

You also receive commissions based on the activity of your referrals and their downlines.

As an upgraded member, the more active you are on the site, the greater the commissions you stand to earn.

Have you already signed up to Cashjuice? If so, what has been your experience so far?






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Dec 18

Leverage The Power Of Facebook To Generate Free Unlimited Traffic

Are you an Entrepreneur looking for free traffic sources for your business opportunities? Have you considered leveraging the power of Facebook to generate free unlimited traffic?

Facebook’s challenges this year (2018) have been well documented. However, as an Online Entrepreneur, you can still derive great benefit by using Facebook.

I know for a fact that there are still opportunities right now to tap into Facebook’s global audience.

And how do I know this?

Because this year, I decided to carry out a Facebook experiment.

I wanted to find out if an Online Entrepreneur can really get any traffic from Facebook.

I used three key methods to generate traffic to my opportunities. But, there are plenty of other ways you can leverage the power of Facebook to gain free traffic to your offers.

Biggest social media network

Facebook is a behemoth in the social media space. Unless you live under a rock, you will know that Facebook occupies the no.1 berth in the social media world.

So with 2.23 billion users on Facebook, how do you tap into this vast treasure trove to create unlimited traffic on demand?

So there are three free strategies that I used to generate traffic on Facebook in 2018.

Facebook Fan Page

I created a Facebook Fan Page for a business opportunity that I was involved in.

I then invited a select few of my friends to like my Facebook Fan page.

Within 24 hours of sending out an invite to some of my friends, one of my acquaintances signed up to check out the business opportunity.

Facebook Groups

I leveraged the power of Facebook groups to drive free traffic to several business opportunities.

There are two types of groups on Facebook: free and paid.

The bottom line is, if used properly, Facebook Groups can be a valuable source of traffic.

I used groups in three ways:

  • Promote Business Opportunities

I used groups to promote my business opportunities by implementing two key strategies:

  1. I posted about my opportunity
  2. I also answered people’s requests for information or help.

In one example, I was able to get over 500 people to check out a business opportunity over a 3-4 month period. In fact, as I write this article, one ad that I placed weeks ago, generated an enquiry today.

  • Use groups to inspire and educate

I created a group that had the purpose of helping newbies learn how to promote their business opportunity on Facebook the correct way.

Occasionally, I would offer the group members other useful tools which resulted in referrals to other programs.

  • Networking

You can use groups as a means of networking with other group members. This does not directly lead to promoting your business opportunity. However, it is an amazing way of creating useful connections that can be extremely valuable to your business.

Facebook Personal Profile

This might seem like a strange one but it is perfectly possible to use your Facebook profile as your virtual shop 24/7.

Now I realize that by making this bold claim, you might start rushing to turn your personal profile into a shrine for your affiliate links. One word of caution: don’t do that. It won’t work!

Remember why people come to Facebook… People are on Facebook for three key reasons:

  • To spend time communicating with loved ones and friends
  • People come to Facebook to be entertained
  • People are on Facebook looking for information.

So based on the reasons why people use Facebook, throwing your links around on your personal profile is the wrong approach. Yet, 1,000s of marketers use this approach and then wonder why there is so little engagement on their promotional posts.

I used a technique called Attraction Marketing to attract my ideal client which does not involve coming across as salesy or spammy posting about my business opportunity or it’s products all day long.

What are the results so far?

The engagement on my Facebook wall has seen a dramatic upturn in fortunes.

If you had seen my Facebook personal wall a year ago, it looked like a ghost town. Fast forward a year, and the difference could not be greater!

But most importantly, I am beginning to witness some tangible results. Why?

Because, almost on a daily basis now, I have people reaching out to me.

So what are people contacting me for?

People are now contacting me to find out what I do or simply to ask for help.

Now, this is not the result of luck or chance. One thing, I have learned as an Entrepreneur is this: don’t reinvent the wheel. Partner with successful people and watch them at work over the shoulder and implement what they are doing. It is that simple.

Have you had any success in promoting your business opportunity on Facebook? If not, why not?

Here is a free training crammed full with information that will help you find laser-targeted people to talk to on Facebook: click here to access the free video training.










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Oct 18

Use TE List Builder To Build Your List On Traffic Exchanges

Are you trying to build a list on traffic exchanges but lack the expertise to do so?

The solution to your challenge is called TE List Builder!

Many people have joined traffic exchanges over the years to earn income. However, after clicking for hours and not getting anywhere, many have quit.

The reality is this: to make money online is not a simple process. It no longer is a simple case promoting an affiliate link.

Sure, armed with your affiliate link you can make random sales here or there by simply adding your affiliate link to a traffic exchange. But this strategy will only take you so far.

Now here is the real secret to earning money online.

People buy from people that they know, like and trust.

Have you heard that before? This statement is pretty accurate.

So people need to know who you are. They need to know what you do. What value can you provide them?

It is only when you have established yourself as a person value that people will begin to trust you and buy from you.

Now some people choose to build their audience on social media. That is absolutely fine.

But if you decide to build your audience on traffic exchanges, how do you achieve that?

Why selling on a traffic exchange is not easy

The last thing most people are thinking about when they join a traffic exchange is buying from others!

Everyone generally comes to a traffic exchange with the same mindset: promote promote promote!

So in my opinion the main focus when surfing a traffic exchange should be to build your list.


So how can TE List Builder help you?

Well what I love about TE List Builder is the fact that they offer you a task based course.

A task based course is great because it forces you to actually complete the training.

You cannot complete a task without completing all the activities within the task.

So you need to be serious about your learning here. And I believe that it encourages more people to really take their learning more seriously.

Is there a cost to join TE List Builder?

There is no cost involved in joining TE List Builder.

Join free here: te list builder is free.

So you can check it out safe in the knowledge that no financial outlay is required of you.




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Dec 17

Build Your Email List Fast And Free With Instant Squeeze Page Generator

If you are an online Internet Marketer, I assume that you have realised by now that having a list building system in place, can help you have a successful online career.

To create a list building system, you’ll need a lead capture page together with a follow up email autoresponder.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands or if you don’t want to build a lead capture page yourself, where can you go to get a cheap lead capture template?

The answer? Instant Squeeze Page Generator – the master list builder. With Instant Squeeze Page Generator, you can build your list fast and free.

In my opinion, driving traffic to your website is great but building a list is far more important.

The key reason is that once you have built trust with your customer, you can promote other products to them again and again and that is extremely powerful for your business. Repeat business is what you makes you successful whether online or offline.

How much does it cost to join Instant Squeeze Page Generator?

Please put your wallet away will you? It will cost you absolutely nothing to give the Instant Squeeze Page Generator a try. That’s right, absolutely nothing at all.

Building a list is not easy

As easy as list building might sound, it certainly is not easy.

An email address is something that is both precious and personal to your visitor. The question is this: what do you have to offer that would make a visitor to your website want to give you their email address?

So apart from knowing how to build a lead capture page, what free gift are you willing to give your visitor that will be make them want to give you their email address?

All of this requires research which in turn means time. As we all know, time is not something we all possess. Hence this why the Instant Squeeze Page Generator.com site can save you time and oh yes, plenty of it!

What free product can you give away?

All you need to do is this:

  • select one digital product you want to give away as a a free gift
  • Select from a variety of lead capture templates

There are over 30 lead capture templates to choose from.

Which autoresponder should you use?

Really the choice is yours. Both GetResponse and Aweber (two of the best out there) offer free trials if you haven’t already got an autoresponder.

If you do this right, you can easily set up an automated list building system with Instant Squeeze Page Generator.com within minutes of joining.

Is the InstantSqueezePageGenerator.com site a scam?

I have tested the Instant SqueezePageGenerator.com site and I have got people on my list. You will get people on your list if you are prepared to put in the hard work.

Whether people stay on your list or not will depend largely on whether you provide them with valuable content.

Not sure what to write about if you get a subscriber on your list?

I can imagine that for a lot of people doing the hard of work getting subscribers to their list is the easy part. But how do you follow up with your subscribers? Instant Squeeze Page Generator have taken care of this challenge for you.

  • All you need to do is head over to the Affiliates section of the site.
  • Then select Affiliate Toolbox.
  • You then click on Send Email and boom! You will find an email autoresponder follow up series. Add it to your autoresponder so that when your subscriber downloads your free lead magnet, you can follow up with them in an email sequence.

Incidentally, if you have other promotions and want a more generic email follow up series then you can have a look at this site: CLICK HERE.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator is the easiest way to earn money online

Should you choose to, you can treat the Instant Squeeze Page Generator as an Internet affiliate program in its own right.

The Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a free or low cost business opportunity that allows you to earn commissions by promoting the program. You can stay free or you can upgrade your membership. The choice is yours.

Do ensure that you update your payment email address in your profile. Commissions are paid out weekly on a Friday.

If you wish to join this incredible list building system, then click on the banner below. Remember it is completely free to join.

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Nov 16

Get Your 7 Day Upgrade At Click Voyager

Click Voyager is a manual website traffic exchange that allows you to obtain a 7 day upgrade completely free.

Click Voyager home-page

If you are not familiar with the concept of a traffic exchange then you can get more information on traffic exchanges here completely free.

Why obtain a Silver Membership at Click Voyager?

Free members earn two credits for every website viewed. Upgrading to silver membership allows you to earn five credits for every page viewed.

Upgrading to Silver Membership for 7 days at Click Voyager traffic exchange will not require a payment from you. On Sundays, you are able to obtain your Silver membership at Click Voyager simply by surfing 250 pages or more. In addition, the site or offer you are promoting will receive double the amount of traffic.

How long can I keep my Silver Membership at Click Voyager?

You can remain a Silver member indefinitely. All you have to do is surf 250 pages every Sunday. This means that during the week you are surfing as an upgraded member without having to part with any money.

Grab your free silver membership at Click Voyager now.

How you can use your credits earned at Click Voyager

Any credits you earn at Click Voyager can be used to gain website visitors or you may decide to use your credits on banner advertising or placing text links.

Watch out for Bonus Prizes at Click Voyager

Click Voyager are very generous and like to hand out prizes to their members who are active! So if you are happy to surf, you will earn additional prizes which translate into even more traffic for your website.

Earn even more credits at Click Voyager

Top 100 surfers every day

If you love a Sunday at Click Voyager then you will love every other day of the week. If you enjoy using a Traffic Exchanges and have time on your hands, you could be in line to earn additional credits at Click Voyager. Every day at midnight, Click Voyager give out an additional 30,000 credits to the day’s top 100 surfers.

It pays to be loyal to Click Voyager

Every time you surf (or view other member sites) or promote Click Voyager, you are rewarded with CV league points.

If you promote Click Voyager, you earn 1 point every time your referral link is shown. This includes even pages you have created using the Click Voyager splash page generator.

If you are an active surfer, you are rewarded with CV points every time you surf. At the end of the week, you will be given your final league position.

Sign up to Click Voyager free for further information on CV points.

Receive endless traffic at Click Voyager by referring others 

Promoting Click Voyager is very much worth your while. If you refer someone to Click Voyager and they actively surf, then you will earn 20% of all the credits they receive for surfing. You can also earn another 10% of the credits obtained by another four levels of referrals!

Place your bid for the daily sponsor site

Click Voyager gives you the opportunity to have your site shown to surfers when they first log in. You submit your site along with the number of credits to be used. If your site has the highest bid (greatest number of credits) at midnight then your site becomes the sponsor site.

So if you are looking for a method to generate free traffic to your site, Click Voyager is a tool well worth considering.



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