Commission Funnel Review – more than just a manual traffic exchange

If you are looking to advertise your business opportunity or affiliate offer for free then you have come to the right place. You are likely already familiar with traffic exchanges where you can promote your links.

May I introduce you to a relatively new entrant in the traffic exchange world: Commission Funnel.

Commission Funnel is a manual traffic exchange

Commission Funnel is a manual traffic exchange that can be used to promote your affiliate links completely free of charge.

Three ways you earn credits at Commission Funnel

  • surf as many or as few pages as you like to earn credits
  • promote your viral credit link on other sites to earn credits
  • you can earn small amount of credits for promoting the Commission Funnel rotator link

Commission Funnel is a business opportunity

Like other traffic exchanges, you can add Commission Funnel to your income streams by promoting the business to other online marketers.

If one of your referrals chooses to upgrade their membership then you will earn a commission.

Build a downline in other programs

Commission Funnel is also a downline builder in up to 30 different programs.

In the menu, you will find a Rebrand section. Here you will add your affiliate ID to all the programs in the downline builder.

If your referral creates a brand new account for each program, then they will also be your referral in those programs.

If your referral already holds an account for one of the listed programs they just enter their affiliate ID in the box provided.

Promote 12 programs with one link

Commission Funnel have created a link which allows you to promote 12 sites all at once.

When you join and add your affiliate link in the Rebrand section, you will have your link automatically created just like mine below.


Free V Paid Membership

Surfing for credits

Free members have to show two pages to earn one credit. Paid members show one page to earn one credit

Viral credit link promotion

As a free member your site will have to shown twice before you earn one credit. On the other hand, an upgraded member at Commission Funnel, your page needs only be shown once to earn one credit.


Rotator page promotion

For free members, the rotator link needs to be shown 100 times before you earn 1 credit. Paid members earn one credit when their rotator link is shown 50 times.


Free members earn 35% commission on from their referrals purchases. Upgraded members earn wait for it …100% commissions from their referrals purchases.

Interact with your referrals

A nice functionality of the system is the ability to send your referrals emails. However, do bear in mind that no spamming is allowed.

Gain extra referrals

By surfing a minimum of 50 sites daily, you will be eligible to win one referral. So far there have been 345 winners of verified referrals.

You can keep track of the number of pages visited by going to your Home page where the information is available on the top right hand corner.

You don’t have to do anything other than view at least 50 sites. If a referral is added to your account free of charge then you will be notified via email.

I went into my control panel a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that a referral had been added to my account. It can happen to you too.

Members are already earning money here

There are members out there earning money already from Commission Funnel. You can join the growing army of members and start earning an income here too. Remember it is free to join.



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