Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website With Traffic Ad Bar

Getting traffic to your website is one of the most difficult things to achieve when you have no experience of Internet Marketing.

Traffic Ad Bar provides you with a zero or low cost solution to driving targeted traffic to your affiliate promotions or website.

So exactly how can Traffic Ad Bar help you?

Well Traffic Ad Bar is a traffic exchange above all else.

You earn visitors to your website when you view other member promotions.

But it doesn’t stop there because Traffic Ad Bar also places your ads on other traffic exchanges and websites. So your promotion will get greater exposure.

Stay in control of which offers you get to view

When you surf at Traffic Ad Bar, you are in control of what page you get to view next.

You are presented with three options and you then click on whichever promotion interests you.

 You also get to see how many points you earn from viewing a page.

There is a 10 second timer before you are able to move on to the next promotion

The Level Ladder Sets Traffic Ad Bar Apart

The goal on traffic exchanges is to earn as many credits so as to get as many views as possible. Sounds reasonable enough right?

The whole point of the Level Ladder at Traffic Ad Bar to earn points so your website can move up the ladder.

In the long run the level ladder approach is similar to racking up credits so you can get visitors to view your website or promotion.

But the real value of the level ladder approach is that the higher up the ladder your website goes, the more hits you receive. The level ladder is your passport to automating the process of getting hits to your website. How does it work?

There are 17 levels on the ladder. If your website reaches level 10 then you automatically receive 1,022 hits your website every three days! That’s right.

So while getting website hits at Traffic Ad Bar is a great to have, it goes without saying that the end goal should be to get as high up the level ladder as possible.

You can climb up the ladder by viewing the offers you receive through the daily email links

Get Your Bonus For Every 25 websites viewed

As explained earlier your websites get viewed on Traffic Ad Bar, other traffic exchanges and elsewhere on the Internet!

Traffic Ad Bar have an ad network outwith Traffic Ad Bar. So how can you get your promotions viewed elsewhere on the Internet?

Simple. For every 25 pages viewed, you will be given the option to earn extra points or to you can get hits to your website instead.

If getting hits is your immediate priority, then by taking the option of extra hits Traffic Ad Bar will automatically place your ads in the network for other people to view.

Is upgrading your membership at Traffic Ad Bar worth it?

The great thing about traffic exchanges is that typically you have two membership options: free or paid. Traffic Ad Bar is no different.

I was a free member at Traffic Adbar for ages! I am currently a paid member there. So is it really worth it?

There are six key benefits to upgrading your membership at Traffic Ad Bar:

  • Traffic Ad Bar will add up to 5,000 points to your account every three days
  • Traffic Ad Bar will give you up to 4,000 visitors to your website each and every month depending on your membership level
  • As an upgraded member, your ads will have priority over other members’ ads.
  • You will be given up to 20 points for every point you earn on your primary website. Which means that if you earn 3,000 points, Traffic Ad Bar will push that up to 60,000 points!
  • For every point you earn for every website, you receive up to 5 additional points. So if you earn 3,000 points per website today that is an additional 15,000 points!
  • You are able to have add more websites to your Traffic Ad Bar promotions

All the additional points earned are designed to push you further up the level ladder. Remember level 10 is the Holy Grail where you can really start to earn money on autopilot!

Upgrade Options and Benefits

There are three upgrade levels:

Pro Lite – entry level upgrade which guarantees 1,000 site visits every month
Pro – intermediate level of membership which guarantees 2,400 visitors every month
Platinum – highest level of membership which guarantees 4,000 visitors every month

The higher your level of membership, the greater the benefits you stand to receive.
But remember you can remain free forever.

Refer others and earn commissions

If you have a website, you can promote the Ad Bar there. When your visitor clicks on the logo to obtain more information about Traffic Ad Bar, that visitor will become your referral.

You earn in two ways:

  • Should your referral go on to purchase an upgrade, you will earn commission.
  • You will also earn a percentage of all points your referral makes

How cool is that?

Commissions on autopilot!

Like the sound of that?




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