Free Platinum Upgrade At Hitsbooster Pro

If you are an Internet marketer, receiving visitors to your website is a must. You can receive a free platinum upgrade at Hitsbooster Pro.

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What is Hitsbooster Pro?

Hitsbooster Pro is a manual traffic exchange where you can receive hits to your website. Receiving hits to your website is achieved by visiting other members websites.

Hitsbooster Pro is owned by Louise Venison.


How long will I spend viewing other members websites?

You will need to spend at least 6 seconds viewing each member website.

How long is the Platinum Membership valid for?

The Platinum membership is valid for 7 days when you first join and then you will become a free member again.

How do I earn credits?

Every 10 credits equals 1 visitor to your website. Upon joining, you will automatically receive 500 free credits from Hitsbooster Pro.

You earn credits by viewing other member websites. Upon joining, you will need to surf 25 member sites to have your account activated.

You can also earn credits by referring other members to Hitsbooster Pro.

You can remain a free member at Hitsbooster Pro for life.

However, you can earn even more credits by upgrading your membership. The great thing about upgrading is that you will earn random referrals. You can earn additional credits through the surfing activity of your referrals.

I saw the benefit of upgrading my membership as it has meant over the years that I have received even more credits. I receive a mammoth amount of credits every month as you will see below.

Oh and did I mention that even as a free member you can advertise your business opportunity through banners and text links?

Diamond Membership

Hitsbooster Pro remains one of my favourite traffic exchanges. You can see below how many credits I have earned over the last few years. You can see how many credits I have received from referrals. You can also see below how many credits I have earned by surfing in the last week.

Referrals Hitsbooster Pro

Still need free traffic to your website? Then Hitsbooster Pro is here to assist you. Remember it is FREE to join.



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