Get Your 7 Day Upgrade At Click Voyager

Click Voyager is a manual website traffic exchange that allows you to obtain a 7 day upgrade completely free.

Click Voyager home-page

If you are not familiar with the concept of a traffic exchange then you can get more information on traffic exchanges here completely free.

Why obtain a Silver Membership at Click Voyager?

Free members earn two credits for every website viewed. Upgrading to silver membership allows you to earn five credits for every page viewed.

Upgrading to Silver Membership for 7 days at Click Voyager traffic exchange will not require a payment from you. On Sundays, you are able to obtain your Silver membership at Click Voyager simply by surfing 250 pages or more. In addition, the site or offer you are promoting will receive double the amount of traffic.

How long can I keep my Silver Membership at Click Voyager?

You can remain a Silver member indefinitely. All you have to do is surf 250 pages every Sunday. This means that during the week you are surfing as an upgraded member without having to part with any money.

Grab your free silver membership at Click Voyager now.

How you can use your credits earned at Click Voyager

Any credits you earn at Click Voyager can be used to gain website visitors or you may decide to use your credits on banner advertising or placing text links.

Watch out for Bonus Prizes at Click Voyager

Click Voyager are very generous and like to hand out prizes to their members who are active! So if you are happy to surf, you will earn additional prizes which translate into even more traffic for your website.

Earn even more credits at Click Voyager

Top 100 surfers every day

If you love a Sunday at Click Voyager then you will love every other day of the week. If you enjoy using a Traffic Exchanges and have time on your hands, you could be in line to earn additional credits at Click Voyager. Every day at midnight, Click Voyager give out an additional 30,000 credits to the day’s top 100 surfers.

It pays to be loyal to Click Voyager

Every time you surf (or view other member sites) or promote Click Voyager, you are rewarded with CV league points.

If you promote Click Voyager, you earn 1 point every time your referral link is shown. This includes even pages you have created using the Click Voyager splash page generator.

If you are an active surfer, you are rewarded with CV points every time you surf. At the end of the week, you will be given your final league position.

Sign up to Click Voyager free for further information on CV points.

Receive endless traffic at Click Voyager by referring others

Promoting Click Voyager is very much worth your while. If you refer someone to Click Voyager and they actively surf, then you will earn 20% of all the credits they receive for surfing. You can also earn another 10% of the credits obtained by another four levels of referrals!

Place your bid for the daily sponsor site

Click Voyager gives you the opportunity to have your site shown to surfers when they first log in. You submit your site along with the number of credits to be used. If your site has the highest bid (greatest number of credits) at midnight then your site becomes the sponsor site.

So if you are looking for a method to generate free traffic to your site, Click Voyager is a tool well worth considering.



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