Grow Your Tribe With Cashjuice Social Network Free

Are you looking for ways to get more eyeballs on your offers? As we know, social media is a place where people congregate. And you are now able to grow your tribe with Cashjuice Social Network, completely free.

Who is the owner of Cashjuice?

Cashjuice is the brainchild of Dan Merrett, who is the owner of Trafficadbar.

Trafficadbar is a very powerful traffic system which I have written about already here.

Trafficadbar is still going strong as I speak and is an advertising platform for Internet Marketers.

So what is Cashjuice?

Cashjuice is a social network first and foremost where people congregate for a common goal: either to look for a business opportunity or to promote one.

But Cashjuice is more than that. Cashjuice is also an educational place where you can come and learn about a simple 3 step plan to earn money online.

Cashjuice aims to share its revenue with its members.

So how do you generate traffic for your opportunity on Cashjuice?

Well, it’s very simple. But before you dive in to start advertising, you need two things:

  • a decent profile picture

There is nothing worse than seeing an ad from someone who hasn’t got a profile picture. So to be successful, you’ll need a good profile picture. Preferably it needs to be one showing off your smile.

  • a bio is needed

Don’t skip the bio! It is equally important so that you can brand yourself and get better known by the community.

Once you have done these two key things, you are good to go.

Posting is really simple. You just decide what you want to advertise and away you go.

Now my personal preference is that I do a mixture of value-based quotes and outright advertisement.

Members can like your post and also comment on it.

Is Cashjuice free to join?

You can advertise completely free on Cashjuice. However, there is an upgrade option.

I have personally gone for the upgrade option as it was relatively inexpensive.

I paid a one time fee of $29.99

What does the lifetime membership offer?

When you elect to upgrade your membership, you get 5,000 ad credits.

You also earn a slice of the ad commission which is generated by Cashjuice.

Have I seen any results since joining cashjuice?

I have noticed that I have earned commission here already.

People are liking and commenting on my posts.

I had a request a short while ago for the affiliate link of an opportunity I am promoting.

So the early indications suggest that this is a responsive site.

If you are not on Cashjuice, feel free to join. Remember it is free to join.

Here is proof that Cashjuice does pay…

If you are looking for evidence that it is possible to earn from Cashjuice just for doing what you would do anyway which is socialize on the site then here is proof.

How are commissions earned at Cashjuice?

You earn commissions at Cashjuice for the following two activities:

Referral payments

If your referrals make payments to Cashjuice, you earn 15% commissions on those payments.

Your activity

Cashjuice will actually pay you based on your activity. But it doesn’t stop there. 

You also receive commissions based on the activity of your referrals and their downlines.

As an upgraded member, the more active you are on the site, the greater the commissions you stand to earn.

Have you already signed up to Cashjuice? If so, what has been your experience so far?






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