Leverage The Power Of Facebook To Generate Free Unlimited Traffic

Are you an Entrepreneur looking for free traffic sources for your business opportunities? Have you considered leveraging the power of Facebook to generate free unlimited traffic?

Facebook’s challenges this year (2018) have been well documented. However, as an Online Entrepreneur, you can still derive great benefit by using Facebook.

I know for a fact that there are still opportunities right now to tap into Facebook’s global audience.

And how do I know this?

Because this year, I decided to carry out a Facebook experiment.

I wanted to find out if an Online Entrepreneur can really get any traffic from Facebook.

I used three key methods to generate traffic to my opportunities. But, there are plenty of other ways you can leverage the power of Facebook to gain free traffic to your offers.

Biggest social media network

Facebook is a behemoth in the social media space. Unless you live under a rock, you will know that Facebook occupies the no.1 berth in the social media world.

So with 2.23 billion users on Facebook, how do you tap into this vast treasure trove to create unlimited traffic on demand?

So there are three free strategies that I used to generate traffic on Facebook in 2018.

Facebook Fan Page

I created a Facebook Fan Page for a business opportunity that I was involved in.

I then invited a select few of my friends to like my Facebook Fan page.

Within 24 hours of sending out an invite to some of my friends, one of my acquaintances signed up to check out the business opportunity.

Facebook Groups

I leveraged the power of Facebook groups to drive free traffic to several business opportunities.

There are two types of groups on Facebook: free and paid.

The bottom line is, if used properly, Facebook Groups can be a valuable source of traffic.

I used groups in three ways:

  • Promote Business Opportunities

I used groups to promote my business opportunities by implementing two key strategies:

  1. I posted about my opportunity
  2. I also answered people’s requests for information or help.

In one example, I was able to get over 500 people to check out a business opportunity over a 3-4 month period. In fact, as I write this article, one ad that I placed weeks ago, generated an enquiry today.

  • Use groups to inspire and educate

I created a group that had the purpose of helping newbies learn how to promote their business opportunity on Facebook the correct way.

Occasionally, I would offer the group members other useful tools which resulted in referrals to other programs.

  • Networking

You can use groups as a means of networking with other group members. This does not directly lead to promoting your business opportunity. However, it is an amazing way of creating useful connections that can be extremely valuable to your business.

Facebook Personal Profile

This might seem like a strange one but it is perfectly possible to use your Facebook profile as your virtual shop 24/7.

Now I realize that by making this bold claim, you might start rushing to turn your personal profile into a shrine for your affiliate links. One word of caution: don’t do that. It won’t work!

Remember why people come to Facebook… People are on Facebook for three key reasons:

  • To spend time communicating with loved ones and friends
  • People come to Facebook to be entertained
  • People are on Facebook looking for information.

So based on the reasons why people use Facebook, throwing your links around on your personal profile is the wrong approach. Yet, 1,000s of marketers use this approach and then wonder why there is so little engagement on their promotional posts.

I used a technique called Attraction Marketing to attract my ideal client which does not involve coming across as salesy or spammy posting about my business opportunity or it’s products all day long.

What are the results so far?

The engagement on my Facebook wall has seen a dramatic upturn in fortunes.

If you had seen my Facebook personal wall a year ago, it looked like a ghost town. Fast forward a year, and the difference could not be greater!

But most importantly, I am beginning to witness some tangible results. Why?

Because, almost on a daily basis now, I have people reaching out to me.

So what are people contacting me for?

People are now contacting me to find out what I do or simply to ask for help.

Now, this is not the result of luck or chance. One thing, I have learned as an Entrepreneur is this: don’t reinvent the wheel. Partner with successful people and watch them at work over the shoulder and implement what they are doing. It is that simple.

Have you had any success in promoting your business opportunity on Facebook? If not, why not?

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