Oct 17

Are you surfing at ClickVoyager on Thursdays?

A while back I wrote a small piece on the benefits of joining ClickVoyager. You can read that article here.

So are you using the ClickVoyager traffic exchange to drive traffic to your website promotions? If not, why not?

Should you need reminding of what a traffic exchange is and why it exists, you can read this other article for clarification.

Why you should surf ClickVoyager on a Thursday

Just in case you don’t have time to read my previous article about ClickVoyager, I want to tell you why you should consider surfing ClickVoyager on a Thursday.

One of the biggest challenges facing Internet Marketers is finding time to run their business. Like me, you may be working full time which then makes it difficult to find time to surf traffic exchanges.

And especially if you are operating on a low budget but want exposure to your website or business opportunities, traffic exchanges give you a low cost way to start your marketing campaigns.

So I went off on a tangent there to labour the point that we all seem to face lack of time. Time is a precious commodity! This is where surfing ClickVoyager on a Thursday can prove so very beneficial. Why so?

As you will see above, there are plenty of credits up for grabs! What would you do with 1,000 credits? 2,000 credits? 3,000 credits? 5,000 credits? 10,000 credits?

That is a mouth watering prospect wouldn’t you agree!

But the creme de la creme of the Thursday promotion is the Gold Upgrade!

Sure, I would be most happy with any number of free credits just for surfing 100 pages.

But ClickVoyager are very generous with their rewards. The top prize on the Thursday surfing competition is the Gold upgrade for a three month period! Wow! Now that’s amazing John but what are the chances?

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t guarantee that this will happen to you but it is definitely worth a try.

Just so you understand what is at stake there are four levels of membership: Free, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Gold membership is the third highest level of membership and you could be getting that for three months without spending a dime! Yes, that right’s: nada, zilch, niente!

How does that sound?

Surf regularly at ClickVoyager on a Thursday for a chance to grab a prize

If you think you haven’t got any chance of winning a prize at ClickVoyager, you are sadly mistaken.

On Thursday just gone, I earned my second gold upgrade at ClickVoyager in the space of one year! One year! My secret? Surprise surprise regularly surfing at ClickVoyager!

Now here is the thing. Together with your gold upgrade, you will get wait for it: a whopping 45,000 credits!

Can you now see why I have taken the trouble to write this short article? If you still think this is not possible then think again, here is the proof below.

And look at the credits at my disposal today:

I still had roughly 10,000 credits from my last Gold Upgrade. Having won a new Gold Upgrade, I have received 45,000 credits free of charge from ClickVoyager.

So if you are an avid surfer or perhaps are new to surfing traffic exchanges but have not taken advantage of what ClickVoyager has to offer then grab your free membership here now and start surfing!

Apr 17

How To Get Free Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Website In Any Niche With IBOToolbox

You have built a website. Probably that was the easy part. Now getting your website in front of people is the challenge you are likely facing today.

Most people are on a low budget when they start and are looking for free ways to get targeted traffic to their website.

These days social networking plays a key role in the marketing campaigns of small and large businesses alike. I am sure that you are familiar with platforms such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram etc…

Facebook for example has in excess of 1.8 billion active users. Imagine having a small fraction of those users visiting your affiliate offers. Mouth watering prospect isn’t it?

But what if you are already generating traffic from the big social media platforms and are looking for other ways to get free targeted traffic to your website?

Allow me to introduce you to IBOToolbox.

What is IBOToolbox?

IBOToolbox is a business social media platform where small business owners are able to network.with each other.

How can IBOToolbox help you?

IBOToolbox is essentially a suite of tools that allows you as an Internet Marketer to get free laser targeted traffic to your website in absolutely any niche.

What is the cost to join?

Naturally you would expect that joining a platform such as IBOToolbox would come at a cost to you.

You will be surprised to hear that joining is absolutely free! So what is the catch? Let me repeat myself: joining IBOToolbox is completely free.

Every member, whether you joined a year ago, last week, today pays absolutely nothing. Nada, zilch, niente! Everyone has access to exactly the same features.

After joining, you will not be hit with upsells and will never need to upgrade.

What makes IBOToolbox impressive?

For a variety of reasons, more and more people are looking for opportunities to work from home.

Everyday, IBOToolbox averages between 250,000 to 300,000 visitors daily! These are people like you and me looking for an opportunity to earn money from the comfort of their home.

Why does this statistic matter to you?

Remember that you are reading this article because you are looking to increase the traffic you receive to your products and services whether you are the product owner or an affiliate marketer.

96% of the daily traffic on IBOToolbox is non member related! So in other words, when you join IBOToolbox you will be promoting your business opportunity to non members primarily.

How do I get free laser targeted traffic to my website?

The 250,000 daily visitors come to IBOToolbox via the search engines such as Google. How is this possible?

There are primarily two ways you can get search engine traffic at IBOToolbox:

  1. You can promote your business opportunity on your wall post. The majority of people who get to see your wall post are non members.
  2. You can write Press Releases. A Press Release is a blog type post on a topic of your choice.

As people go looking for business opportunities, your content will be found. Your press releases and wall posts are indexed by search engines. When prospects make searches based on what you talk about in your press releases and wall posts, your content will get seen.

The beauty of this is that you will start to get traffic to your website or affiliate offers on autopilot! But I must stress that you will need to put in the hard work. Too many people want money for doing absolutely nothing.

Now remember that you will give your business exposure based on the content you create at IBOToolbox. So if you do decide to join, think carefully about the content you create. Quality content will lead to better conversion rates.

Please bear in mind that the Press Releases you create will not only get published within IBOToolbox. Those press releases get published on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, every time you create a press release, your associates at IBOToolbox will be notified by email and will receive a link to your press release which means that they can read it, comment on it and share it on social media platform which will give your business greater exposure.

Can I promote my business within the IBOToolbox platform free?

If you are keen to promote your business within IBOToolbox then it is possible to do so completely free.

IBOToolbox operates a credit system which allows you to promote your products and services within the platform.


How do I earn credits that I can use to advertise my business on the platform?

When you sign up you will have to complete your profile which involves the following:

  • Provide basic information about yourself
  • Add a profile picture of you
  • Provide information about the business opportunities you are involved in

Once you have completed your profile, you will automatically receive your 500 credits.

How else can you receive free credits?

There are two keys ways to receive credits. You can purchase credits or you can earn free credits.

The easiest way to receive additional free credits is as follows:

Refer new members to IBOToolbox and you will receive 200 credits once they have completed their profile.

Write a press release to receive 20 credits. You could be in line to earn 100 credits if the content is unique.

There are yet more ways of earning free credits. To do so, refer to the Credit Center.

Every credit is worth a number of impressions. Let’s say that every credit is worth 5 impressions. What does that mean? When you receive your 500 credits, your ad will be seen 2,500 times.

Join IBOToolbox today and promote your business opportunity for free.

If you are serious about your business opportunity and are looking for an additional way to drive free laser targeted traffic to your website then IBOToolbox is a fantastic tool that will enable you to do that.

There are many more features on IBOToolbox which I will cover in a future blog post I am sure.

But for now, I think there is more than enough material to get you started.

Where do I get training on IBOToolbox?

If you are looking to gain greater insight into what IBOToolbox has to offer then visit: http://marketwithkris.com where you will be able to get free training videos on different features of IBOToolbox once you sign up.

The training doesn’t stop there as there is plenty of other training material relevant to other platfoms such as Pinterest and Facebook.

As you can see, IBOToolbox promises and delivers phenomenal value to its members for free.

Join IBOToolbox today and deliver free laser targeted traffic to your website. Remember it is completely free to join.






Feb 17

Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website With Traffic Ad Bar

Getting traffic to your website is one of the most difficult things to achieve when you have no experience of Internet Marketing.

Traffic Ad Bar provides you with a zero or low cost solution to driving targeted traffic to your affiliate promotions or website.

So exactly how can Traffic Ad Bar help you?

Well Traffic Ad Bar is a traffic exchange above all else.

You earn visitors to your website when you view other member promotions.

But it doesn’t stop there because Traffic Ad Bar also places your ads on other traffic exchanges and websites. So your promotion will get greater exposure.

Stay in control of which offers you get to view

When you surf at Traffic Ad Bar, you are in control of what page you get to view next.

You are presented with three options and you then click on whichever promotion interests you.

 You also get to see how many points you earn from viewing a page.

There is a 10 second timer before you are able to move on to the next promotion

The Level Ladder Sets Traffic Ad Bar Apart

The goal on traffic exchanges is to earn as many credits so as to get as many views as possible. Sounds reasonable enough right?

The whole point of the Level Ladder at Traffic Ad Bar to earn points so your website can move up the ladder.

In the long run the level ladder approach is similar to racking up credits so you can get visitors to view your website or promotion.

But the real value of the level ladder approach is that the higher up the ladder your website goes, the more hits you receive. The level ladder is your passport to automating the process of getting hits to your website. How does it work?

There are 17 levels on the ladder. If your website reaches level 10 then you automatically receive 1,022 hits your website every three days! That’s right.

So while getting website hits at Traffic Ad Bar is a great to have, it goes without saying that the end goal should be to get as high up the level ladder as possible.

You can climb up the ladder by viewing the offers you receive through the daily email links

Get Your Bonus For Every 25 websites viewed

As explained earlier your websites get viewed on Traffic Ad Bar, other traffic exchanges and elsewhere on the Internet!

Traffic Ad Bar have an ad network outwith Traffic Ad Bar. So how can you get your promotions viewed elsewhere on the Internet?

Simple. For every 25 pages viewed, you will be given the option to earn extra points or to you can get hits to your website instead.

If getting hits is your immediate priority, then by taking the option of extra hits Traffic Ad Bar will automatically place your ads in the network for other people to view.

Is upgrading your membership at Traffic Ad Bar worth it?

The great thing about traffic exchanges is that typically you have two membership options: free or paid. Traffic Ad Bar is no different.

I was a free member at Traffic Adbar for ages! I am currently a paid member there. So is it really worth it?

There are six key benefits to upgrading your membership at Traffic Ad Bar:

  • Traffic Ad Bar will add up to 5,000 points to your account every three days
  • Traffic Ad Bar will give you up to 4,000 visitors to your website each and every month depending on your membership level
  • As an upgraded member, your ads will have priority over other members’ ads.
  • You will be given up to 20 points for every point you earn on your primary website. Which means that if you earn 3,000 points, Traffic Ad Bar will push that up to 60,000 points!
  • For every point you earn for every website, you receive up to 5 additional points. So if you earn 3,000 points per website today that is an additional 15,000 points!
  • You are able to have add more websites to your Traffic Ad Bar promotions

All the additional points earned are designed to push you further up the level ladder. Remember level 10 is the Holy Grail where you can really start to earn money on autopilot!

Upgrade Options and Benefits

There are three upgrade levels:

Pro Lite – entry level upgrade which guarantees 1,000 site visits every month
Pro – intermediate level of membership which guarantees 2,400 visitors every month
Platinum – highest level of membership which guarantees 4,000 visitors every month

The higher your level of membership, the greater the benefits you stand to receive.
But remember you can remain free forever.

Refer others and earn commissions

If you have a website, you can promote the Ad Bar there. When your visitor clicks on the logo to obtain more information about Traffic Ad Bar, that visitor will become your referral.

You earn in two ways:

  • Should your referral go on to purchase an upgrade, you will earn commission.
  • You will also earn a percentage of all points your referral makes

How cool is that?

Commissions on autopilot!

Like the sound of that?




Feb 17

Get Unlimited Hits To Your Website Effortlessly With List Surfing

List Surfing is a unique platform that provides excellent benefits especially if you are on a shoestring budget as an Internet Marketer.

If you are looking to receive free traffic for your website, joining List Surfing is a no brainer. You will receive unlimited hits to your website with little effort at List Surfing.

Unlimited traffic at List Surfing Manual Traffic Exchange

List Surfing is a manual traffic exchange which is absolutely free to join. For those with limited time, this traffic exchange is absolutely perfect.

At List Surfing, you only need to surf 50 pages every month! That’s it! Once done, your website will receive unlimited traffic.

Thumbnail Surfing At It’s best

Normally, with manual traffic exchange surfing you view one page at a time. Hence, often you are not in control of what page you are able view.

At List Surfing, you are in the driving seat as you are presented with two websites and you get to choose which one you will view.

It’s a great system which leads to greater engagement in my view as it makes the user feel as though they are in complete control.

List Surfing is also a viral list builder

Building a list is crucial in business. We all know how effective email marketing can be when done right.

List Surfing allows you to email other members with your affiliate offers. So rather than viewing websites, you receive emails from other members. You receive credits for viewing the website on the email.

The reason List Surfing is so unique is that after viewing 50 pages in the traffic exchange, your sites gets unlimited traffic. Should you surf beyond the 50 pages per month, the credits earned are reserved for sending emails. This system is brilliant because it gives your website even more coverage than normal.

Once an email, is sent, a certain amount of credits are used. So it makes sense to view websites on the traffic exchange and read emails received from other members as you build a bank of unlimited credits.

Just to recap:

List Surfing is a traffic exchange and a list builder all at once!

You get the following benefits:

– No surf ratio
– Unlimited Website Traffic!
– Responsive e-mail advertising!
– More Traffic and Great Results!



List Surfing - Social Advertising Network







Dec 16

Commission Funnel Review – more than just a manual traffic exchange

If you are looking to advertise your business opportunity or affiliate offer for free then you have come to the right place. You are likely already familiar with traffic exchanges where you can promote your links.

May I introduce you to a relatively new entrant in the traffic exchange world: Commission Funnel.

Commission Funnel is a manual traffic exchange

Commission Funnel is a manual traffic exchange that can be used to promote your affiliate links completely free of charge.

Three ways you earn credits at Commission Funnel

  • surf as many or as few pages as you like to earn credits
  • promote your viral credit link on other sites to earn credits
  • you can earn small amount of credits for promoting the Commission Funnel rotator link

Commission Funnel is a business opportunity

Like other traffic exchanges, you can add Commission Funnel to your income streams by promoting the business to other online marketers.

If one of your referrals chooses to upgrade their membership then you will earn a commission.

Build a downline in other programs

Commission Funnel is also a downline builder in up to 30 different programs.

In the menu, you will find a Rebrand section. Here you will add your affiliate ID to all the programs in the downline builder.

If your referral creates a brand new account for each program, then they will also be your referral in those programs.

If your referral already holds an account for one of the listed programs they just enter their affiliate ID in the box provided.

Promote 12 programs with one link

Commission Funnel have created a link which allows you to promote 12 sites all at once.

When you join and add your affiliate link in the Rebrand section, you will have your link automatically created just like mine below.


Free V Paid Membership

Surfing for credits

Free members have to show two pages to earn one credit. Paid members show one page to earn one credit

Viral credit link promotion

As a free member your site will have to shown twice before you earn one credit. On the other hand, an upgraded member at Commission Funnel, your page needs only be shown once to earn one credit.


Rotator page promotion

For free members, the rotator link needs to be shown 100 times before you earn 1 credit. Paid members earn one credit when their rotator link is shown 50 times.


Free members earn 35% commission on from their referrals purchases. Upgraded members earn wait for it …100% commissions from their referrals purchases.

Interact with your referrals

A nice functionality of the system is the ability to send your referrals emails. However, do bear in mind that no spamming is allowed.

Gain extra referrals

By surfing a minimum of 50 sites daily, you will be eligible to win one referral. So far there have been 345 winners of verified referrals.

You can keep track of the number of pages visited by going to your Home page where the information is available on the top right hand corner.

You don’t have to do anything other than view at least 50 sites. If a referral is added to your account free of charge then you will be notified via email.

I went into my control panel a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that a referral had been added to my account. It can happen to you too.

Members are already earning money here

There are members out there earning money already from Commission Funnel. You can join the growing army of members and start earning an income here too. Remember it is free to join.



Dec 16

Is Traffic Exchange Headquarters worth joining?

If you use manual traffic exchanges, then it is very likely that you will have seen an ad for Traffic Exchange Headquarters at some point. So I guess the question is: should you join Traffic Exchange Headquarters?


To answer this question, we need to look at the key features of Traffic Exchange Headquarters.

Why not brand yourself at Traffic Exchange Headquarters?

Traffic Exchange Headquarters has a personal brander which allows you to promote yourself on traffic exchanges.

I think that branding oneself is essential to business success. People will only buy from you if they trust you. Branding yourself is therefore a great way of building that trust.

The Hit Distributor makes your life easy for promoting your links


The Traffic Exchange Headquarters Hit Distributor is a useful tool which allows you as a free member to add up to 10 sites. Upgraded members are able to add up to 100 sites to the Hit Distributor.

Now let’s say that you have 10 websites you are promoting. Under normal circumstances, you promote each site individually one at a time at traffic exchanges. This is extremely tedious and time consuming.

However, if you join Traffic Exchange Headquarters as a free member, instead of promoting each link one at time, you add your ten links to the Hit Distributor and use your Hit Distributor link to promote your ten links at Traffic Exchanges.

The one big benefit of using the Hit Distributor is that if there is a site you need to remove from your promotions, rather than going to each traffic exchange, you simply remove the site from the Hit Distributor control panel.

Traffic Exchange University for newbies

If you have no experience at all of Internet Marketing, the Traffic Exchange Headquarters Traffic Exchange University is a useful place to start your education.

There you will learn something about affiliate marketing, setting your Gravatar account and creating your marketing funnel at Affiliate Funnel.

You can find a list of some of the best traffic exchanges here

In the Recommended Exchanges section, there is a list of some of the best traffic exchanges on the Internet.

If you are not a member at some of these traffic exchanges then you can click on the banner for each traffic exchange, create your free account and then add your affiliate ID in the Recommended Exchanges section of the website.


Organise your surfing activities within the Daily Task Manager

Once you are a member at each of the traffic exchanges listed in the Recommended Exchanges section, you will earn Zubee points when you surf 100 pages at each traffic exchange. The Zubee points you earn will quickly add up.

Some of the highest performing members at that site earn hundreds of dollars every month!

Traffic Reports for upgraded members only

Upgraded members have access to traffic reports from some of the best advertising resources you can find on the Internet today.

The statistics are reset on a monthly basis which ensures the upgraded members have access to the most up-to-date information available.

The Hullabaloo – what is the fuss about?


Surfing can be very mundane but surfing manual traffic exchanges through The Hullabaloo can be a great deal fun.

As you surf the two traffic exchanges shown in this section, after you have reached the 50th page (approximately), you need to pay attention to the Hullabaloo page that will appear. When you reach this page, you must click on the game piece at each traffic exchange.


Thereafter, you need to head back to Traffic Exchange Headquarters where you should click on “Complete The Hullabaloo” and a prize will be awarded to you.



You will get a green tick when The Hullabaloo is completed. You can complete The Hullabaloo several times and earn multiple prizes if you choose to do so.

Add Traffic Exchange Headquarters to your income stream

By taking part in The Hullabaloo you can earn cash prizes.

However, if you like what see you at Traffic Exchange Headquarters, then you may wish to promote this opportunity. You make a commission when your referral buys banner impressions or short term ad credits.

You need to have earned a minimum of $10 to cashout. You will need a Payza account to be able to cash out. If you haven’t already got one then simply go to Payza and create your free Payza account.

Free v Paid Membership

The paid membership obviously provides more benefits. As a paid member, you can earn as much as 40% as opposed to 20% commission.

Whereas as a paid member you are allowed to promote ten links as paid member you can add a whopping 100 links to the Hit Distributor.

Free members get no monthly banner impressions whereas paid members earn 10,000 monthly banner impressions.


My Final Opinion

The main issue I have with Traffic Exchange Headquarters is that some manual traffic exchanges I regard as best in class are not listed in the Recommended Exchanges section.

However, that should not deter you from joining Traffic Exchange Headquarters if you wish to. It is a free service but you can upgrade if you wish to promote it and earn greater commissions. You remain in complete control of which traffic exchanges you decide to surf for credits and remember the zubee points you earn are extremely valuable.

Join TeHeadQuarters.com

Nov 16

Get Your 7 Day Upgrade At Click Voyager

Click Voyager is a manual website traffic exchange that allows you to obtain a 7 day upgrade completely free.

Click Voyager home-page

If you are not familiar with the concept of a traffic exchange then you can get more information on traffic exchanges here completely free.

Why obtain a Silver Membership at Click Voyager?

Free members earn two credits for every website viewed. Upgrading to silver membership allows you to earn five credits for every page viewed.

Upgrading to Silver Membership for 7 days at Click Voyager traffic exchange will not require a payment from you. On Sundays, you are able to obtain your Silver membership at Click Voyager simply by surfing 250 pages or more. In addition, the site or offer you are promoting will receive double the amount of traffic.

How long can I keep my Silver Membership at Click Voyager?

You can remain a Silver member indefinitely. All you have to do is surf 250 pages every Sunday. This means that during the week you are surfing as an upgraded member without having to part with any money.

Grab your free silver membership at Click Voyager now.

How you can use your credits earned at Click Voyager

Any credits you earn at Click Voyager can be used to gain website visitors or you may decide to use your credits on banner advertising or placing text links.

Watch out for Bonus Prizes at Click Voyager

Click Voyager are very generous and like to hand out prizes to their members who are active! So if you are happy to surf, you will earn additional prizes which translate into even more traffic for your website.

Earn even more credits at Click Voyager

Top 100 surfers every day

If you love a Sunday at Click Voyager then you will love every other day of the week. If you enjoy using a Traffic Exchanges and have time on your hands, you could be in line to earn additional credits at Click Voyager. Every day at midnight, Click Voyager give out an additional 30,000 credits to the day’s top 100 surfers.

It pays to be loyal to Click Voyager

Every time you surf (or view other member sites) or promote Click Voyager, you are rewarded with CV league points.

If you promote Click Voyager, you earn 1 point every time your referral link is shown. This includes even pages you have created using the Click Voyager splash page generator.

If you are an active surfer, you are rewarded with CV points every time you surf. At the end of the week, you will be given your final league position.

Sign up to Click Voyager free for further information on CV points.

Receive endless traffic at Click Voyager by referring others 

Promoting Click Voyager is very much worth your while. If you refer someone to Click Voyager and they actively surf, then you will earn 20% of all the credits they receive for surfing. You can also earn another 10% of the credits obtained by another four levels of referrals!

Place your bid for the daily sponsor site

Click Voyager gives you the opportunity to have your site shown to surfers when they first log in. You submit your site along with the number of credits to be used. If your site has the highest bid (greatest number of credits) at midnight then your site becomes the sponsor site.

So if you are looking for a method to generate free traffic to your site, Click Voyager is a tool well worth considering.



Nov 16

Traffic Swarm – 2016 Review

Traffic Swarm is a traffic exchange that was created to allow you to list your website for online promotion. traffic-swarm-gets traffic to your website

A traffic exchange enables you to earn credits when you view other member websites. When you join Traffic Swarm, you are given 100 free credits as a thank you for joining.

Traffic Swarm gives you help to get started

To get you started you can head straight to the training area where you get a welcome video and some tutorials on how to create an ad and also on how to surf. There is a PDF that you can download which will give you tips on creating ads.

Traffic Swarm Navigation Pane

Before you begin your surfing experience, you can head over to My Account to decide which types of web pages you wish to view. This puts you in control of your surfing at Traffic Swarm.

Traffic Swarm cheaters beware

Surfing to earn credits can be done in a really lazy way if you are not careful. Not attempting to view other websites and piling up credits though is not recommended:

  1. if you click too fast the system will let you know and you will not earn points   Traffic Swarm anticheating message
  2. Traffic Swarm have created an ad which is is part of their anti-cheat system and if you click on the link too often (when it appears on the surf page) this will likely result in the termination of your account. Traffic Swarm anti-cheat mechanism

Traffic Swarm free membership v Pro membership  

There are two types of memberships at Traffic Swarm. You have the free membership and you can also go Pro for a monthly fee.  Traffic Swarm pro-membership-benefits

The key benefit as a free member is that you can create 10 ads.

As a Pro member, 5,000 credits are automatically added to your account every month. Also, Pro members get to create unlimited ads.

If you haven’t got your own website then when you upgrade to Pro, you are able to access a free website builder and also get free hosting.

Traffic Swarm pro upgrade benefits

Decide how long you want a Traffic Swarm Pro upgrade for

You have the option to decide how long your Pro membership should last. As you will see below, you save money by going Pro for 12 months.

Traffic Swarm Pro Membership upgrade

How do I earn credits at Traffic Swarm?

  • Whether you are a Pro member or not, you will earn between one and five credits simply for clicking an ad.
  • You will also earn between 10 to 1,000 free bonus credits after you have clicked 100, 200 and 250 pages per day.
  • You also earn credits for referring other members to Traffic Swarm

You do have an option where you can buy credits.

There are in excess of 140,000 members at Traffic Swarm with well over 150,000 pages to view. So your surfing experience is unlikely to be a boring one.

How do I tell whether my ads are being viewed at Traffic Swarm?

You can keep track of how you ads are performing. On the Home page, you will find an area to your right of the page entitled My Ads. There you can see how many times your ads have been viewed and if any pages have been clicked.

Traffic Swarm Ad Manager

I must stress that the total views and clicks relates to all your ads. So in this case, I currently have three ads that I am running. They have received 16 views today but there were only three clicks. That number will change as the day progresses. To find out how each individual ad is performing however, you click on Get detailed stats which will give you a further breakdown per ad.

This is a very useful functionality because you can clearly see what ad is working and which one isn’t and it therefore allows you to tweak your ads as necessary.

Is Traffic Swarm a scam?

In my unqualified opinion I do not believe that Traffic Swarm is a scam. My main issue with Traffic Swarm is whether it actually does deliver on its promise of bringing swarms of targeted traffic your way.

Traffic Swarm promises-to-deliver

My understanding of traffic exchanges is that selling a product directly on traffic exchanges can be a waste of time as other surfers are there to promote their own opportunity. However, there is value in using traffic exchanges including Traffic Swarm for lead generation.

If you want to check out Traffic Swarm, here is your free account.


Nov 16

Traffic Splash – Review 2016

Traffic Splash is one of the traffic exchanges I have enjoyed using over the years. And this is a brief review of Traffic Splash.


Traffic Splash is a manual traffic exchange where you earn credits by viewing other members websites. The whole point of earning credits is so that your own website can be viewed by other members.

It stands to reason that the more websites you view, the greater the number of credits you accumulate which means that your website gets even more views or traffic.

Boasting over 186,000 members, Traffic Splash looks after the traffic needs of different types people.You might be someone looking for an additional source of income, you may be an affiliate marketer, you may be looking to grow your list etc. Traffic Splash caters for all needs.

186,000+ members can't all be wrong.

186,000+ members can’t all be wrong.

It is possible to earn between 250-750 visitors per hour to your website on Traffic Splash.The number of visitors your website receives is determined by the type of membership you decide to have.

If you want free traffic to your website then there is a free membership. You absolutely do not have to upgrade and can remain a free member forever. Because my time is extremely limited, I have opted for a paid membership which affords me opportunity of receiving even more page views with minimal effort.

Traffic Splash paid-membership saves me time.

Traffic Splash is very easy to use and rewards its members for surfing as well as for referring other members.

Traffic Splash referral-rewards

Bonus prizes can be earned for every 15 pages surfed at Traffic Splash. If you choose to surf even more pages then surf rewards will mount up. Therefore surfing 100 pages will earn you 1,000 text ads or 500 banners. But there is more.

In Partnership with TE Command Post, you can earn even more credits for every single click when surfing three other core traffic exchanges.  If that isn’t sufficient Traffic Splash also rewards you with extra credits for surfing at featured guest traffic exchanges. So it is wise to head over to the member’s area every time you decide to surf to check out how you can earn even more credits every day.

There is one particular feature at Traffic Splash that is extremely appealing to me: it is the ability to add rotators. So rather than promoting one business opportunity at a time, a rotator allows you to promote multiple business opportunities by using just the one link. The immediate benefit is the reduction in the time needed to add credits to individual links. Interestingly, there is another benefit to using a Traffic Splash rotator. Your visitors are now able to share your rotator on social media. And we all know the viral nature of social media usage.

So to recap if you are looking to generate free traffic to your website then you need to head over to Traffic Splash and check out what is on offer. It is very ease to use, you can earn extra credits, you have access to several rotators which will save you time.

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Oct 16

3 key things you need to build your email marketing list


You may have heard about the importance of building a list but decided it wasn’t for you. You are not alone. Many people simply pass up the opportunity to build an email marketing list perhaps for short term gain.

So let us consider 3 key elements you need to build your email marketing list.

The reason why you need an email list

When I started marketing online, the last thing on my mind was building a list. After all the whole point of promoting your affiliate link is to convert the viewers into buyers.

But here is the challenge. If you are using free methods to advertise your link you may well be using a traffic exchange. People surfing traffic exchanges typically do not have time to look at a long sales pages because they are there to sell their own products.

Now here is the thing:  people may well be interested in what you have to offer but due to time constraints they do nothing about the offer you are promoting. This same principle applies to a website visitor. You have engaging content but…alas, y are not quite ready to buy.

Now how about if you are able to find a way of staying in contact with them? Do you think in the long term this would be a better approach? This is exactly why an email lists exist.

An email address is one of the most important assets in your business.

If you haven’t started building a list then you are quite simply not building a business for the long term!

What 3 things do you need to start building an email list?

  1. You will need a website or blog
  2. An autoresponder
  3. A lead capture or squeeze page

Build a website

It is perfectly possible to build an email list without your own personal website. But if you want to establish yourself as an authority online and a trustworthy one at that, you need to invest in a website of your own.

You can create your free website here.

Choose an autoresponder

You can’t have an email list without having an autoresponder. The autoresponder will automate the process of sending out messages to your subscriber list.

There are a number in the market. Two that spring to mind are: Aweber and GetResponse. You can take advantage of their 30 day trial.

Create a lead capture page

The lead capture page is an incredibly important page that collects that most important piece of information: your subscriber’s email address. Not prepared to create your own lead capture page? Here is a ready a made one.

Why email marketing is so effective

I see two key reasons why email marketing is so effective:

  • The subscriber willingly gave you their email address so when they receive an email from you, the relationship has already been established
  • The subscriber is in complete control. If they make a purchase through you, it is because it was their decision.

The way I look at it, repeat business is a more efficient and cost effective way of making money. So start building your list today for a better tomorrow.

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