Partner With Traffic Codex To Get More Free Advertising


If you use traffic exchanges and list builders then you will love Traffic Codex.

Partnering with Traffic Codex will allow you to gain even more free advertising without doing any extra work.

Using Traffic Codex allows you to work smarter not harder.

What is Traffic Codex?

Traffic Codex is a site that is a treasure trove of promo codes.

So what you ask?

Well the promo codes give you free advertising when you carry out specific tasks.

At traffic exchanges, you could earn credits, banner impressions or text ads absolutely free just for carrying out certain instructions.

At Viral List Builders, you will earn mailing credits.

This is why I said earlier that you work smart not hard when partnering with Traffic Codex.

You earn extra credits for doing something you were already going to do.

How To Redeem Traffic Codex Promo Codes

Redeem Promo Codes at Traffic Exchanges

How would you use Traffic Codex to surf a traffic exchange? I wrote an article on List Surfing a revolutionary traffic exchange some time back.

We will use List Surfing traffic exchange to illustrate how you use Traffic Codex to earn additional credits.

  • Head over to Traffic Codex
  • Once you are signed in, click on the icon with horizontal lines.

  • This will open up a new page with a bigger menu
  • Click on Traffic Exchange Promo Codes

  • A new page opens up and the traffic exchanges are shown in alphabetical order

  • List Surfing is on page 4
  • Click on View List Surfing Promo Codes. This will then open up a new page where you can find the different promo codes for List Surfing.
  • When you find a promo code, you will need to click on Click Here To Claim. This will open up List Surfing in a new tab

On your List Surfing main menu under the heading Earn (Blue), click on Reward Codes

Under Reward Codes, you need to copy the promo code at Traffic Codex and paste it in the enter reward code to activate.


  • In List Surfing just under the Reward Codes section, you will see another section entitled Active Reward Codes.

That section is great because it helps focus your mind on the following:

  • what you need to do to earn your reward
  • what reward you will earn
  • when the promo code expires

There is another section underneath that tells you what codes you have redeemed.

Viral List Builders

Redeeming a promo code with a viral list builder is exactly the same.

In the main menu at Traffic Codex, you should click on Viral List Builder Promo Codes.

  • Adchiever will be on the first page.

  • Click on View Adchiever Promo Codes. New page opens up with Adchiever promo codes
  • In Adchiever, hover over Rewards.
  • Click on Reward Codes. In the box enter your reward code from Traffic Codex.


  • Scroll down and you will see your activated reward code.

Do you plan to promote Traffic Codex?

If you want to promote Traffic Codex then it is a good idea to complete the downline builder.

Now, I am not suggesting you should join every program listed on Traffic Codex.

You will want though to complete the downline builder with your referral ID in any program you join.

The reason you do this is because if someone decides to join a program through Traffic Codex, for as long as you have added your referral ID in the downline builder, the referral will be yours.

How to Join Programs In The Downline Builder

Let say for example that you wish to join Adchiever which is a viral list builder.

So from the home page you click on the icon with the horizontal lines

You then click on Viral List Builder Promo Codes

Adchiever promo codes are on page 1

You then click on Not a Member? which takes you to the Adchiever sign up page.

It is really important that after you join a program or if you are an existing member of a program that you enter your referral ID just as I have entered mine below.

If a prospect joins a program through Traffic Codex and you have entered your referral ID in the downline builder, they join that program under you. So assuming that you become a member of more than 1 program you could have 1 referral joining you under more than 1 program.

What happens if you get stuck and need help with using Traffic Codex?

On the main menu you will find a help section with How To videos.

So I hope you have seen the benefit of joining Traffic Codex. It is a free site to join. You are not really doing anything different to what you would normally do.

However, you will end up with more advertising credits than you bargained for.

So it is well worth your while in the long run. If you feel there is someone out there who will benefit from this information, go ahead and share it with them.

Have you used Traffic Codex yourself? What are your thoughts? Do leave your comments below.


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