Should you use a safelist to promote your affiliate offers?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. If you haven’t invested in an autoresponder such as GetResponse or Aweber then how else can you go about promoting your affiliate offers through email marketing?
Something that you might want to consider doing is using safelists.

What is a safelist?

Essentially a safelist is a group of people (members) that are interested in promoting their offers but have also agreed to receive emails from other members.

These people tend to be in specific niches usually the Internet Marketing or affiliate marketing niche.

Safelists are also known as mailers or viral list builders.

Why is safelist marketing an important part of your advertising strategy?

I previously wrote a short article on email marketing which shows why you need to be doing email marketing. Read it here
There are many people online who utilise safelist marketing exclusively for advertising their promotions. Hence, it is easy to see why it is such a key strategy to use.

How do you know which safelist to join?

This decision is ultimately one you will have to make. There are hundred of thousands of safelists out there. Will they all work for you? There are probably between 30-40 that actually do work.

So how does a safelist actually work?

The most important point to remember is that you don’t own the list! Therefore you will never have access to the email address of your prospect.
When you sign up, you provide your email address to the safelist company together with your personal details. Your email address is not shared with your prospects though.
Once you start viewing other members ads, you will build your credit bank which will in turn enable you to send your promotions to other members. Although all these members are out there promoting their offers, if you promote something of value to them then chances are they will click on your link.

Why you should not receive member promotions from a safelist in your primary email inbox

It is possible with a number of these safelists to receive member promotions directly in your email inbox. I would strongly recommend that you do not receive promotions from other members in your main email address. The reason? You will receive an avalanche of emails and you will find it difficult to keep on top of your email inbox.
So your primary email address should be used as your contact email address. You should then create a list email address where you receive all the various offers.
My preferred email service provider is GMAIL. I recommend that you use them as well.

Why are safelists also called viral list builders?

A safelist becomes viral when you are able to promote your opportunities to people you have directly referred. So in other words, if you refer others to a viral list builder then they become part of your downline. By broadcasting your message (or promotion) to your downline, you are effectively grow your traffic. The other point is you can earn money through your referrals.

What if you have time constraints?

As we all know, time is money and you may not always have time to read emails to acquire credits.

One method you can use to earn credits without having to view other members promotions is by referring other members to the safelist. Some safelists will give you rewards (in the form of credits) for making referrals. So if you don’t mind promoting safelists then you have found a great way of earning credits for your promotions without needing to view other member websites.

Your other option is to upgrade your membership with your safelist which will provide you with even greater benefits than a free member.

If safelist marketing is something you seriously want to consider, then I recommend that you check out this video first. It will give you further insight into safelists and how you can use them to your advantage: watch video free here.

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