Traffic Splash – Review 2016

Traffic Splash is one of the traffic exchanges I have enjoyed using over the years. And this is a brief review of Traffic Splash.


Traffic Splash is a manual traffic exchange where you earn credits by viewing other members websites. The whole point of earning credits is so that your own website can be viewed by other members.

It stands to reason that the more websites you view, the greater the number of credits you accumulate which means that your website gets even more views or traffic.

Boasting over 186,000 members, Traffic Splash looks after the traffic needs of different types people.You might be someone looking for an additional source of income, you may be an affiliate marketer, you may be looking to grow your list etc. Traffic Splash caters for all needs.

186,000+ members can't all be wrong.

186,000+ members can’t all be wrong.

It is possible to earn between 250-750 visitors per hour to your website on Traffic Splash.The number of visitors your website receives is determined by the type of membership you decide to have.

If you want free traffic to your website then there is a free membership. You absolutely do not have to upgrade and can remain a free member forever. Because my time is extremely limited, I have opted for a paid membership which affords me opportunity of receiving even more page views with minimal effort.

Traffic Splash paid-membership saves me time.

Traffic Splash is very easy to use and rewards its members for surfing as well as for referring other members.

Traffic Splash referral-rewards

Bonus prizes can be earned for every 15 pages surfed at Traffic Splash. If you choose to surf even more pages then surf rewards will mount up. Therefore surfing 100 pages will earn you 1,000 text ads or 500 banners. But there is more.

In Partnership with TE Command Post, you can earn even more credits for every single click when surfing three other core traffic exchanges.  If that isn’t sufficient Traffic Splash also rewards you with extra credits for surfing at featured guest traffic exchanges. So it is wise to head over to the member’s area every time you decide to surf to check out how you can earn even more credits every day.

There is one particular feature at Traffic Splash that is extremely appealing to me: it is the ability to add rotators. So rather than promoting one business opportunity at a time, a rotator allows you to promote multiple business opportunities by using just the one link. The immediate benefit is the reduction in the time needed to add credits to individual links. Interestingly, there is another benefit to using a Traffic Splash rotator. Your visitors are now able to share your rotator on social media. And we all know the viral nature of social media usage.

So to recap if you are looking to generate free traffic to your website then you need to head over to Traffic Splash and check out what is on offer. It is very ease to use, you can earn extra credits, you have access to several rotators which will save you time.

Grab your free account at Traffic Splash now.

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