Traffic Swarm – 2016 Review

Traffic Swarm is a traffic exchange that was created to allow you to list your website for online promotion. traffic-swarm-gets traffic to your website

A traffic exchange enables you to earn credits when you view other member websites. When you join Traffic Swarm, you are given 100 free credits as a thank you for joining.

Traffic Swarm gives you help to get started

To get you started you can head straight to the training area where you get a welcome video and some tutorials on how to create an ad and also on how to surf. There is a PDF that you can download which will give you tips on creating ads.

Traffic Swarm Navigation Pane

Before you begin your surfing experience, you can head over to My Account to decide which types of web pages you wish to view. This puts you in control of your surfing at Traffic Swarm.

Traffic Swarm cheaters beware

Surfing to earn credits can be done in a really lazy way if you are not careful. Not attempting to view other websites and piling up credits though is not recommended:

  1. if you click too fast the system will let you know and you will not earn points   Traffic Swarm anticheating message
  2. Traffic Swarm have created an ad which is is part of their anti-cheat system and if you click on the link too often (when it appears on the surf page) this will likely result in the termination of your account. Traffic Swarm anti-cheat mechanism

Traffic Swarm free membership v Pro membership  

There are two types of memberships at Traffic Swarm. You have the free membership and you can also go Pro for a monthly fee.  Traffic Swarm pro-membership-benefits

The key benefit as a free member is that you can create 10 ads.

As a Pro member, 5,000 credits are automatically added to your account every month. Also, Pro members get to create unlimited ads.

If you haven’t got your own website then when you upgrade to Pro, you are able to access a free website builder and also get free hosting.

Traffic Swarm pro upgrade benefits

Decide how long you want a Traffic Swarm Pro upgrade for

You have the option to decide how long your Pro membership should last. As you will see below, you save money by going Pro for 12 months.

Traffic Swarm Pro Membership upgrade

How do I earn credits at Traffic Swarm?

  • Whether you are a Pro member or not, you will earn between one and five credits simply for clicking an ad.
  • You will also earn between 10 to 1,000 free bonus credits after you have clicked 100, 200 and 250 pages per day.
  • You also earn credits for referring other members to Traffic Swarm

You do have an option where you can buy credits.

There are in excess of 140,000 members at Traffic Swarm with well over 150,000 pages to view. So your surfing experience is unlikely to be a boring one.

How do I tell whether my ads are being viewed at Traffic Swarm?

You can keep track of how you ads are performing. On the Home page, you will find an area to your right of the page entitled My Ads. There you can see how many times your ads have been viewed and if any pages have been clicked.

Traffic Swarm Ad Manager

I must stress that the total views and clicks relates to all your ads. So in this case, I currently have three ads that I am running. They have received 16 views today but there were only three clicks. That number will change as the day progresses. To find out how each individual ad is performing however, you click on Get detailed stats which will give you a further breakdown per ad.

This is a very useful functionality because you can clearly see what ad is working and which one isn’t and it therefore allows you to tweak your ads as necessary.

Is Traffic Swarm a scam?

In my unqualified opinion I do not believe that Traffic Swarm is a scam. My main issue with Traffic Swarm is whether it actually does deliver on its promise of bringing swarms of targeted traffic your way.

Traffic Swarm promises-to-deliver

My understanding of traffic exchanges is that selling a product directly on traffic exchanges can be a waste of time as other surfers are there to promote their own opportunity. However, there is value in using traffic exchanges including Traffic Swarm for lead generation.

If you want to check out Traffic Swarm, here is your free account.


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