What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a website that allows you to promote your product or service to other users.

The concept is very simple:

  1. You join a traffic exchange
  2. You add your site
  3. You view other users websites in exchange for credits

There are two different types of traffic exchanges: autosurf traffic exchanges and manual traffic exchanges.

What is an autosurf traffic exchange?

An autosurf traffic exchange site is a website where you add a link to your website, you set a timer, that is the amount of time a visitor will spend on your page and then your site is rotated automatically.

What is a manual traffic exchange?

A manual traffic exchange allows you to add a link to your website. Whereas an autosurf traffic exchange automatically rotates your site without you needing to do anything further, with a manual traffic exchange, you will have to view other users pages in order to earn credits. The more credits you earn, the greater the amount of exposure your website will receive.

Where can I go to learn more about traffic exchanges?

If you are completely new to traffic exchanges and are perhaps overwhelmed by their sheer number and are wondering how you can use them effectively then you can head over to Affiliate Funnel where you will find a simple course on traffic exchanges and how to use them. This course is not just about traffic exchanges alone. At Affiliate Funnel, you will learn about safelists and email marketing too.

Grab your free Affiliate Funnel account here.

How do I know which manual traffic exchanges are worth joining?

I have used numerous traffic exchanges before and with a measure of success. But rather than provide you with a list of traffic exchanges, there is a very useful tool you can use. Introducing Traffic Hoopla!

Traffic Hoopla provides you with an up to date list of the highest performing traffic exchanges. As a business owner, it is important to keep abreast with the latest trends.

I know I am now going off on a tangent but Traffic Hoopla is far more useful to you than you imagine. It gives you a real insight as to some of the best businesses around today. So for example you will get a list of the best paid to click sites, the best safelists, the best income builders etc. 

Check out Traffic Hoopla here, it is free to join.

How else can I earn credits at traffic exchanges?

Just by surfing

The credits can increase just by continuing to surf. There are many traffic exchanges out there that will reward just for doing something that you are already doing. So say you have surfed 100 pages, you will earn extra credits which can only be good news.

Joint promotions

Some traffic exchanges have joint promotions with other traffic exchanges. So for example if you surf 250 pages Hits Safari you will be automatically get a bonus of 100 credits at Deep Sea Hits and vice versa.

Upgrade your membership

I appreciate that not everyone has a lot of time. And as we all know time is money! So whilst you can remain a free member at a traffic exchange forever, you are also able to upgrade your membership at traffic exchanges. This means that you will earn a lot more credits without having to view any webpages.

Refer other members 

Referring other members to a traffic exchange you are using is a great way of building your business. Traffic exchanges will reward you with credits when you refer other members.

Here is a post I wrote which shows the value of having referrals in traffic exchanges.

Google Adsense is a no no on traffic exchanges

Google Adsense is not allowed on traffic exchanges. The last thing you want is to have your Google Adsense account disabled.

What pages should I promote on traffic exchanges?

The key point to remember is that traffic exchanges do work but you are best using a presell page to arouse curiosity. If you are looking to generate sales directly, you will likely end up frustrated, disappointed.

In my personal opinion, splash pages and squeeze pages work best on traffic exchanges.

A splash page is designed to grab a user’s attention by the eyeballs and then lead them to main content of the website.

The purpose of the squeeze page is to convince your visitor to give you something of great value to you: their email address. People don’t go to traffic exchanges to buy products or services. They are there to promote their own offers. However, if somebody visits your site and likes what they see, they are more likely to part with their email address than with money. So capturing email addresses on traffic exchanges is far more effective than trying to sell directly.

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