3 key things you need to build your email marketing list


You may have heard about the importance of building a list but decided it wasn’t for you. You are not alone. Many people simply pass up the opportunity to build an email marketing list perhaps for short term gain.

So let us consider 3 key elements you need to build your email marketing list.

The reason why you need an email list

When I started marketing online, the last thing on my mind was building a list. After all the whole point of promoting your affiliate link is to convert the viewers into buyers.

But here is the challenge. If you are using free methods to advertise your link you may well be using a traffic exchange. People surfing traffic exchanges typically do not have time to look at a long sales pages because they are there to sell their own products.

Now here is the thing:  people may well be interested in what you have to offer but due to time constraints they do nothing about the offer you are promoting. This same principle applies to a website visitor. You have engaging content but…alas, y are not quite ready to buy.

Now how about if you are able to find a way of staying in contact with them? Do you think in the long term this would be a better approach? This is exactly why an email lists exist.

An email address is one of the most important assets in your business.

If you haven’t started building a list then you are quite simply not building a business for the long term!

What 3 things do you need to start building an email list?

  1. You will need a website or blog
  2. An autoresponder
  3. A lead capture or squeeze page

Build a website

It is perfectly possible to build an email list without your own personal website. But if you want to establish yourself as an authority online and a trustworthy one at that, you need to invest in a website of your own.

You can create your free website here.

Choose an autoresponder

You can’t have an email list without having an autoresponder. The autoresponder will automate the process of sending out messages to your subscriber list.

There are a number in the market. Two that spring to mind are: Aweber and GetResponse. You can take advantage of their 30 day trial.

Create a lead capture page

The lead capture page is an incredibly important page that collects that most important piece of information: your subscriber’s email address. Not prepared to create your own lead capture page? Here is a ready a made one.

Why email marketing is so effective

I see two key reasons why email marketing is so effective:

  • The subscriber willingly gave you their email address so when they receive an email from you, the relationship has already been established
  • The subscriber is in complete control. If they make a purchase through you, it is because it was their decision.

The way I look at it, repeat business is a more efficient and cost effective way of making money. So start building your list today for a better tomorrow.

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